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    DK - Few Quick Questions

    I am trying to show some love for my long abandoned toon.


    I have not played a DK for raiding (only damage role) so far.

    I have a couple of questions as such.

    a) Which spec is beginner friendly (less buttons to smash.. and less complex) ? (DW Frost or 2H Frost or 2H Unholy)

    b) Which spec is for dailies ? (Blood or Frost or Unholy)

    c) Which spec is for BGs ? (dw Frost or Unholy or 2h frost)

    d) Which is a good addon to monitor for runes and runic power ?

    Thanks for your time

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    A) I would personally suggest starting as frost.

    B) Go frost and get the Glyph of Dark Succor

    C) Definitely frost, strong sustained damage and burst, a bit of a glass cannon, but easy to do well with still.

    D) Docs Debug Runes is, in my opinion, head and shoulders above the rest.

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    Will do it short, so tiered.

    a) 2H frost by far.
    b) Depends on your, would play blood with the current gear you got.
    c) Random BG, rated BG, with or w/o healer?
    d) DocsDebugRunes

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    Fnx nailed it. Pretty much go 2H frost for all of those, it's the simplest to play, and quickest to learn. Maybe blood for dailies until you get better gear.

    DDR will be the best if you want an all in one addon. I personally use weak auras for everything that it covers, so then I just have magic runes for runes (which has some really nice options).
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    a) I started with frost very easy to use but dont pick blood!

    b) For Dailies! depends but i could say any for that

    c) Definetly Blood or unholy is best for PVP

    d) DocsDebugRunes! it is very good

    Hope this helps!

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    DW against heavy armor
    2h against light armor

    yea i know, it's a terrible design.

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