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    I would make the dev who let it fester for this long with all of its multi-layered stupidity write a public apology, then delete it and anything related to it from the game as an example for the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    Meh. I'm very happy that it's an available option. 79 people getting a chance at loot once a week isn't even the tiniest echo of a ping on the radar of loot issues with this game. The vast majority of raiders have never even seen Galleon up.
    The amount is still miniscule but with how that system currently is they could just as well send everyone online at random points in time bags with either 29g or an 496 epic - at least this is how it plays out on my realm which I feel is just a bad design.
    Quote Originally Posted by hulkgor View Post
    At least randomize his spawn time a lot more, and remove the 'guaranteed' spawn on restarts lol,
    Can't speak for other servers but since they mentioned that fix galleon hasn't spawned on ours on restarts.

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    I still haven't battle Galleon, doesn't help that my server ratio from Alliance to Horde sucks nowadays but still by now I would have though I would have fougth him once but nope.

    They need to decrease the spawn time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proshitmon View Post
    Okay blizzard this is getting ridicoulous i've been camping for 5 days , day and night and yet hasn't spawned...

    Who made such toxic mechanic needs to be FIRED . There is no point in a world boss with massive cooldown (if it even spawns) .

    Galleon is one minus for me in pandaria .

    What are your thoughts guys?
    He should spawn in the capitol cities and you should not even need to fight him he just throws loot at you. Also he spawns every 15 minutes like Sha. Honestly what are my thoughts? That you are not out to experience the "mechanics" on this encounter because there are none that matter and you just want free loot for sitting around waiting for a spawn.

    The 5 days waiting for him to spawn could have been spent forming a raid for ToES, HOF, or MV

    Did I nail it?

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    honestly, what they should do, is to send a summoning stone to a few randomized hordie or alliance ppl each week, and then they can summon him at different locations around pandaria when ever they want that way each faction is ensured a kill each week. the way it currently is, just fucks over the minority faction.

    and kuthe, in BC and vanilla they were still a lot easier to get to than galleon is now, altho they werent really puggable as they are now or they usually werent.

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    He should always be up but he should be as difficult as an actual raid boss. He is not hard to kill. Which goes against blizzards rational for him being on such a long respawn. Vent should be required. All it is now is a camp"n"tag fight. They should also remove the ability to get loot off of him more than once a week.
    READ and be less Ignorant.

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    He doesn't Need to Spawn every 15 minuets like Sha. I think 1 to 2 times a day spawn time would fix all the hits and misses with Galleon. Since MoP Came out, I myself never killed the damn boss, and I play on a low pop server. It was Okay imo back in the day for a boss to spawn once every 5 days because, we had roughly the same amount of server, witch just much less players, also boss spawn times were somewhat fixed. If I recall correctly. Right now there is only 1 Galleon that spawns per server, once every 3 to 5 days, 1000+ players from both factions are most likely in the running for the week, to get a chance at Galleon. Lets not forget that people have real life stuff and jobs to do, so most of the people needing him, wont be on when he is up on a given server. He doesn't need to be a loot pinata, but as he is right now, its like having a miracle happen to you and you actually get into a group to have a weekly chance at his loot.

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    This reminded me that he even exists. Haven't seen him yet and I have like 15 days played at 90.

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