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    I would love to see a couple of new 5-man dungeons, are these are where I spend most of my (limited) game time!

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    Dance studio...obviously
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqua View Post
    I'm on the Thunder King bandwagon, He's been set up quite nicely to be a mid-expansion baddie.
    This, looking forward to killing him.

    I would LOVE :

    More Account wide Rep boosters (Say like another 100% increase in rep, need to be exalted to buy it)
    PVP fixes, Add some awesome rewards for Wintergrasp/TB (100 honor increase items, cool transmog sets) or make them into BGs.
    Monk Fixes
    More World wide pets, So sick of see rabbits and rats EVERYWHERE. Need some more zone specfic pets, like harpys or the deer/tree/lady fusion things.
    New Mounts (NO MORE DRAGONS!!!)
    New challenge pets for hunters (like molten front)
    New Rares
    An Awesome raid, If like ulduar (10-12 bosses) split into 3 LFR Qs. Heroic only Bosses and Ulduar like Hardmodes added on top of the normal/heroic difficulty (Like the elite gear we now have, So you will have LFR, Normal, Normal Elite, Heroic, Heroic Elite Gear.
    2 new 5 mans (with gear levels higher than the current set but past current LFR level).
    Solo raid rankings.

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    New player models so I don't feel like i'm playing on a high graphic PS1 character.

    Also all the normal stuff. Raids,Dailies,blah blah blah.

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    5.2 = More Grind

    Welcome to Mists of Grindaria

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    Story progression with some major lore characters, Sylvanas, Rexxar, Muradin maybe. Some intro quests to the new raid like in 4.1. A kick ass raid. A new 5 man.

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    What do I expect from 5.2? Not much.

    What do I want from 5.2? New raid, 5 mans, scenarios, new questing hubs and a flying/XP boosting tome.

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    A new raid
    Legendary questline continuation
    A 5 man for easy epics for my alts

    That's all I care about really

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    Quote Originally Posted by tey View Post
    wont be a new patch till early summer at the very soonest, the current raid tier percent buffs havent even started rolling out yet and they are due to last 5-6 months and they wont roll out a new raid till its run its full course

    you guys are getting your hopes up way too early
    There were never any "percent buffs" in any raids other than the last in an expansion. You are completely wrong and it won't happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrien View Post
    1. Frost (DK) design fix:

    It's just terrible. We have 3 skills, one of the most boring rotation in-game.
    2h is weak against heavy armor. Have to DW vs heavy armor. DW is good against light armor, but 2h is extremely good against light armor.

    This has to be fixed!

    Make DW and 2h the same again, like in Cata. Let us be strong against all classes no matter the armor, but not as OP against light armor as we are now (2h).

    2. Cross realm zone cities and AH. Let up to x servers have the same AH. Horde AH and city population on Bronzebeard EU are empty.
    You always have something to complain about DKs. Frost DKs are fine. I love it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    Warlock greenfire questline. Mhmm what else? Probz a raid or 2 and new mechanics and I hope for new player models

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    - The following speccs/classes are buffed as to not be sat on the benches nor feel penalized for playing them: Mage (Arcane and Fire [Post-nerf]), Druid (Balance), Shaman (Elemental), Warlock (Demonology and Destruction), Monk (Windwalker), Rogue (Combat [Non-cleave]), Hunters (EVERYTHING) and whatever else I forgot that Ghostcrawler fails at buffing (or in the case of Fire Mages, fixing over-nerfing) [Sorry Melee! I don't know you guys too well!]

    - Mages: We realized Mage L90 talents are not fun and should have listened to the entire community since Beta. We've scrapped them so Mages can have fun once again. This should make the Mage community accept our apology for overly nerfing Fire in a sucker-punched Hotfix 3 days after 5.1 went live due to our unprofessionalism.

    - New Dungeons: Two to three new dungeons have been added, giving iLevel 496 loot.

    - New Scenarios: Two to three new scenarios have been added. Loot in all Scenarios have been updated (See Scenario Incentives)

    - Valor Points: All things that cost Valor Points have been HALVED because to upgrade all your gear pieces AND get VP gear, it was getting pretty expensive. In addition, anything that requires a rep has been reduced to required Friendly/Honored rep (if it required Honored/Revered previously, respectively).

    - Justice Points: A new Trade Goods vendor, much like the one during Cataclysm, is now available. He will sell you many things, such as herbs, gems, enchanting materials, etc., in the same fashion that Spirits of Harmony and the Cata JP vendor was.

    - Level 85 Flying in Pandaria: A new Bind on Account tome is now available for Level 90 characters to buy to mail to their Level 85 characters to allow them to fly through Pandaria, allowing for much quicker leveling of alts.

    - New Reputation/Daily Hub: (Not that I actually WANT more dailies/reps, it's just Blizzard's HORRIBLE new MO)

    - New way to gain Reputation: Hate dailies like all non-casual players? Well now there's a new way to get rep! All reputations sell a tabard at Friendly. Upon equipping this tabard, every rare spawn in Pandaria will net you rep, with the higher level rares giving more rep (500 for Jade Forest ones, and 1500 for Dread Wastes/Vale ones. Somewhere in the middle for all others). *This rep is also doubled via the Account Reputation bonus token you can buy from Quartermasters at Revered*

    - 5-Player Dungeon Incentives: (Not sure yet how to add incentives to dungeons, but Blizzard needs to figure something out)

    - Scenario Incentives: The chest you get for doing Random Scenarios will now ALWAYS drop a piece of loot, though will commonly drop lower level items. In addition, all the items have been wiped out and replaced with iLevel 489, 496, and 503 items. The loot you obtain will be based on whatever specialization you were upon receiving the chest (defeating the last boss)

    - Spirits of Harmony: SoH are no longer BoP and have become BoA instead so the ones you find on your alts who don't have professions aren't just wasted on flooding the market with more materials.

    - Spirits via VP: Spirits of Harmony can now be bought for 600 Valor Points because we allowed you to buy them for 600 Conquest Points last patch and forgot about adding it to Valor Points as well.

    - Valor Points obtained: We realized we royally fucked up by making the RAIDING points more accessible to everything BUT raiding, so here's a list of what gives VP:
    = LFR Raid Bosses: 30 points a boss (34 to cap). Completing a wing of LFR no longer rewards the player with anything. All Valor Points are now obtained on bosses, but can be killed multiple times per week to get additional Valor Points.
    = Normal Raid Bosses: 75 points a boss (14 to cap)
    = Heroic Raid Bosses: 100 points a boss (10 to cap)
    = Random Heroic 5-Player: 50 points upon completion (20 to cap). Also, your "first" random heroic no longer gives you bonus points because we should have realized long ago that system was dumb.
    = Random Scenario: 50 points upon completion (20 to cap). Similar to Heroic 5-Player, your "first" no longer gives additional bonuses.
    = Daily Quests: 5 points a quest (200 to cap)
    = Rare Spawns: This is a new feature in Patch 5.2, giving Rare Spawns 25 Valor Points (40 to cap) per each one killed to EVERY player of the group (NOT RAID) who participated in killing them.

    This is the amount of content I EXPECT to see in the next patch. 5.1 was a mockery and didn't really add anything. Oh and 5.2 is under the assumption that it's a new raid tier patch. If it's not, push the updated loot in Scenarios and Dungeons (as well as the new dungeons) to 5.3.
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    I'd love to see another ulduar like raid, and would hope they'd impliment another herald of the titans type achiev/title to go for.

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    Expect? I don't expect anything. It's why I still enjoy the game, I let Blizzard tell me what's coming, and don't hype myself up or read too deeply into it.
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    Why're people expecting so much from 5.2? They added a lot in 5.1.

    5.1 if anything will be a huge raid, some nerfs and buffs, and maybe a dungeon or two.
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    fix pvp and I'll come back ... >.>

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    I think they said don't expect 16 bosses again, but expect more than 8, with a winged raid like Ulduar. The warlock quests will hopefully be finished. New 5-mans and more story would be nice, I'm loving the storyline stuff so far.

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    Hints have suggested the 5.2 raid will be another LARGE one more similar to Ulduar in size.

    I'd be happy if we got to see a preview, if not release of, a couple of new race models. I'd say orcs and humans are likely first if they decide to release in waves.

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    Well I am not subbed but plan too eventually once again

    I would like to see

    12 boss raid
    daily quests that advance the plot of the new area+ good long quest line to introduce new characters/raid bosses
    1 or 2 heroics
    those senarios have looked very promising
    some alliance lore for worgens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faroth View Post
    Hints have suggested the 5.2 raid will be another LARGE one more similar to Ulduar in size.

    I'd be happy if we got to see a preview, if not release of, a couple of new race models. I'd say orcs and humans are likely first if they decide to release in waves.
    They already said information on 5.2 is coming soon..and considering information on 5.1 was out, what, a week or two after Mists launched, we may be seeing it very soon.
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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