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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon9870 View Post
    What "content" did they add in 5.1? How on Azeroth do you factor in "a lot" in 5.1??? If you consider balancing (WHICH THEY DIDN'T EVEN DO!) as "adding a lot", then lol.

    This to you is NO content?

    Do you really think we needed a raid 2 months after release?

    If 16 bosses last you 2 months that means you "need" 96 bosses a year?

    Do you really think this is going to happen?

    I am very happy that they released 5.1 when they did it keeps the game fresh it gives people other stuff to do, it makes the world fell alive.

    OT: From 5.2 I would like to see

    My personal preference would be two 5-6 boss raids I like the smaller raids that is just my personal preference though

    I would also like to see 2-3 new 5 mans, I really hope they don't release a full set of Epic 476+ epic gear in these 5 mans though making it so the new 5 mans are the only ones that are ever run.

    I quite liked the ToC 5 man loot maybe a nice epic trinket or maybe a weapon but not a full set.

    Continutation of the Legendary Quest

    New Faction and Dailies.

    New Scenarios to tie in the raid.
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    I'm hoping for a new dungeon (or two) along with a 10-14 boss raid. Maybe a new battleground too. Green fire, legendary continuation etc. New faction and dailies (but not as much, more like 5.1 dailies).
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    I may have missed something in quests/lore but what is that unmarked/named island to the northwest of pandaria on the map?

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    Same old same. Nothing in particular.

    Hard to be disappointed that way.
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    Like many have said before, I think 5.2 will have:

    - 2-3 heroic dungeons taking place in Zuldazar/perhaps even a naval (above the water, not underwater) style dungeon?
    - Zuldazar raid, fighting against the Mogu & Zandalar, featuring that troll boss from Mogu'Shan in a shadow realm, and having a few occurances of Gunship Battle-style fights
    - I doubt any scenarios, I think they will be restricting those to smaller patches
    - Continuation of the legendary questline
    - A new battleground (?)

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    Thunder King raid, Garrosh being even more of an asshole, couple new dungeons and maybe a BG. More dailies too, of course!

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    A raid, that's all I "expect". I am not one of those whiny entitled players :\

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    I don't like that the trolls are the ancient allies of the mogu or whatever. As soon as I started seeing troll lore stuff in Pandaria I was like "What is this shit?" I'm sure there will be troll stuff in 5.2, though.

    But, well, whatever. I'm still going to play it. Thank god I can transmog all of the jungle-themed gear.

    I do expect maybe a bit more battle pet stuff, probably less than 5.1's pet stuff. New scenarios for sure. Those seem pretty simple to add and they've seemed intent on adding a few each content patch. And of course all the other obvious stuff. New raid new gear. Probably some five mans to go with them, that drop better gear than the first five mans. You know. The usu.

    Quote Originally Posted by fangless View Post
    A raid, that's all I "expect". I am not one of those whiny entitled players :\
    I'm pretty sure the OP tried to verify in his post that he meant what do you expect as in what are you objectively discerning, not what do you feel you are entitled to have added.
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    From what I've heard I'd like to hear more details and a lot of restrictions from transmogrification out of the way. Something they have on the table would be to T-Mog any two handed weapon type (exculding polearms I wager) into another type. So I'd like to see some improvements on that feature. And if I could ask I would also like to see alternative new ways to get old, removed, gear for Tmogging like the level sixty pvp armor or gladiator weapons from past seasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seezer View Post
    Do you know what would be hilarious? If blizz said "We've heard your pleas for another epic raid like Ulduar! WE ARE HAPPY TO BRING YOU....ULDUAR TWO!!! RETURN OF THE BEAST OF A THOUSAND MAWS!!". And it's exactly the same as the lvl 80 ulduar, but with 512 ilvl ulduar gear and boss hp damage increase.
    I'd raid it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon9870 View Post
    People who want new models = New-gen gamers = People who only give a fuck about graphics and not gameplay.

    I will never understand why new models are such a high priority for everyone. I'd prefer the art team work on the new raids, dungeons, zones, gear, and basically, CONTENT, then work on stupid shit that doesn't actually add anything but aesthetics.

    Seriously, people. Would you prefer: A shiny vase that you can't even put anything in it, or a brand new <Insert utility choice, such as bathtub, toilet, etc> to fix your currently broken one? The vase being the pointless models and the utility being something that allows you to do something (such as bathe or poop).


    Because it's about time. It's one thing to ask for it after a year has past but it's almost 10 years. I think it's about time we get new models. I'm also sure they can do both art models and content. They have been doing it still so your argument is invalid. I like fun gameplay and graphics to. Why aren't we not allowed to like both?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    Although Firelands was only 7 bosses, it was obvious how much work they put into that patch.
    I was very unimpressed with Firelands itself. The boss fights were ok, but the brown and tiny universe we fought in was pathetic. That was the elemental plane of fire? Come the hell on. They worked on new tech to make stuff glitter, but what they really needed was an actual environment, and a sense of where you were. The portion you zone into for the quests is superior, with a bunch of druids constantly fighting for their foothold. The Firelands raid was the lamest part about that patch, it was dwarfed totally by the rest of the experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saffa View Post
    Sure, the same people who have been promising Lock's their quests and green fire for how long? You can really rely on Blizzard
    We were only suppose to get part of it this patch. I much rather get the full quest in one patch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Rider View Post
    You are trolling. It's been confirmed several times that raid is being included in 5.2
    Reread what I said.

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    We'll get a raid.

    Most likely about 10-12 bosses. Blizzard seem to like that size and some comments make me feel they think 16 is too much.
    It'll be a troll raid. Last of the tradition probably
    Split into 2 or 3 wings. Probably centered around the Thunder King, but Rastakahn and Zul are probables, with some loa as well. A council fight with Gurubashi, Farraki, Amani and Drakkari leaders. Probable Bat drop.

    A set of dungeons...2 or 3 5-mans...will be probably included as the "catch up" mechanic as well. Ideally - they'll share any epic loot in the current dungeons as well to keep them viable. 2 or 3 5-mans gets montonous.

    Scenarios, progressing the current HvA storyline. Also be good to see some physical impact and new quest lines availble in the existing hubs. The Alliance ***should*** start to see some major victories to lay the ground work for Garroshes fall. And the beginnings of the Horde resistance/civil war.
    It'll be a decent time to introduce new PvP options...but 5.3 may be a better place for those.

    Wrathions questline will be continued.

    The Warlocks Green Fire quest will be introduced.

    There will be new dailies and a new faction or factions to gain rep with. I'm thinking Firelands here. We may get to see two sides to the trolls - one side waging war, and one who'd have preferred diplomacy.

    Might be an opportunity to do some stuff with the old Troll dungeons as well. Tor'watha perhaps.

    More stuff with pet battles. Updates to transmog. The usual class changes. More bosses for the Brawlers Guild. Proving Grounds. A new world boss. Some tweaks to deal with bag and inventory issues.

    Tweaks to the raid model to deal with the 10/25 man issues.

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    Expectations from 5.2.

    Title of the PatchSemi silly) Thunder King Rises


    Add 2- 3 dungeons related to the Thunder King Arc, a small daily hub for the faction related to defeating the Thunder King. Another daily hub or the continuation of the Alliance-Horde war at Lion's Landing/Dominance Point. Garrosh's tactics and mentality increasingly gets darker and more threatening. Alliance wins many victories(Let's be honest here....we need it). Vol'Jin learns of the Rise of the Thunder King and co leads to stop him and his Zandalari area.

    Transmogrification requirements are cut down somewhat. Two hander weapon transmog requirements work like Hunter weapon transmog(Two handers swords can transmog into two handed maces etc etc). Main hand and off hand and be transmoggable.

    A new raid called Palace of the Thunder King is now available composing of 11 bosses and a unknown end boss that shall not be known, BEWARE AZEROTHIANS

    -Added more Shado-Pan replica transmog gear pieces.

    -Added Challenge modes to the new dungeons that were implemented this patch that also have achievements and NEW CHALLENGE MODE ARMOR
    -Added 4 more ranks in the Brawler's Guild. Invitations are slightly increased obtaining one but little.

    -Continuing of the Legendary Questline

    -Insert Class changes and balance changes.

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    Hopefully a fix to the bot problem.

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    no troll raid plz

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    A troll/Mogu raid is a shoo-in... I'm calling "Reign of the Thunder King" as the title. Likely with the Shado-Pan, August Celestials, and Golden Lotus banding together into the... Celestial Bulwark... to prove a new raid rep for them, with dailies and whatnot thrown in. Perhaps one or two heroics would be in order as well.

    In addition, hopefully we'll get a further continuation of the Alliance/Horde conflict.

    Really though, it feels kind of slim having only one intermittent raid patch between the beginning and end of the expansion. TOC might not have been well received (likely because it overshadowed Ulduar) but it, once again, gave people things to do. I think some sort of a small intermittent raid would be a nice idea, to help progress the various storylines.
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    Kaleredar is right...
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    I imagine it will be fairly similar to the Firelands patch.

    I'd *like* to see 12-14 bosses between 2+ raids, but I'm much more inclined to believe we'll see 6-8 bosses on one raid.

    If they're still working on another BG, I imagine it will be part of 5.3, as we got a good deal of 'pvp content' in 5.1

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    A metric fuckton of daily quests.

    Half-assed raid content.

    5.3 end of expansion raid with underwhelming tentacle boss

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