Hey thanks for viewing. we're looking for more late night raider to fill and round out our core team. we raid sun/mon right now but looking to pick up more days, 10:30pm-1:30am PST server.

What we need;
1 warrior tank,
1 hunter
1 warlock

what we expect:
be an adult. dont bring drama, and have common sense.

we're very laid back but at the same time want to clear content. most of us are professionals, vets, and in our mid 20-30s

although u may not be the listed class's above we still would include you. we are a new guild with 2/6 msv 10man normal experience as it stands now so we're not heroic raid ready yet. the ONLY thing we ask is that you listen, learn, and know your class. gear can be obtained. you can send an in-game message to any Dark Union member but if u have questions or anything you can speak to Truhavoc, Darkheals, Wadatah, Arcydarcy, Alternity, coinoperated