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    there isn't a 'simple terms' for it. if you have GoSpike up, and divine insight procs, you'll use the GoSpike stacks instead of the DI buff. basically you want to have two mindblast hotkeys. one that just casts mindblast, for when MB is off cooldown and you have GoSpike stacks up, and a second one that first /cancels the GoSpike stacks which you use when DI procs. it's really not worth the hassle, and you get a microscopic amount of extra dps from it (you get small dps increase from having GoSpike up for your MB's which aren't procced from DI), but if it fucks up (like you hit mindblast but get a SWP tick .1 sec before, and don't cancel your GoSpike aura) you end up losing up to 4 potential DI procs depending on your rng.

    just dont use GoSpike with DI until they fix it. it's why your mindblast randomly lights up but you can't use it, and you are losing dps.

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    3rd Boss:FDLC|DI(?1)
    TOF is very good on le-shi for a non obvious reason. you can proc twist of fate from mindsearing someone at the end of hide phases, as well as at the end of each add phase. also, during hide, your mindblast will probably be on cooldown, so the benefit from having random proc cooldown resets from DI is reduced proportionately to the length of your average hide phase. if your guilds 'get away' phases last a very long time then maybe DI could win out, but in my guild we run 3 dps warriors, two rogues, three hunters, and a ret, so they usually last about 5 seconds max.

    you should be able to sprint up to lei shi using glyph of mindflay buff, recast VT and mindblast while being pushed back, then use body and soul to run back and spam SWP and FDCL spikes, then mindflay again while being pushed back, then get away should be done (or halo will be up, or use a racial like darkflight or goblin boots, or whatever).

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    Thank you very much! The reason I placed that ?1 on ZorLok and Lei-Shi is that when you're running, you're spamming SW:P for some instant damage and so after that first tick goes and may proc DI, which will lead to free mindblast. For ZorLok I may be keep it like that(but I need to check if I'm killing some of the passive procs), but your Lei-Shi responce is just simply amazing.
    That's the only reason I was interested in that one.
    I'm really newbie in new ShPriest, basically because I was leaving Shadowpriest after 5.0 because playing weak DoTs style(okay, for pre-panda expansion where we hd 70+% Mastery and 70% haste THAT DOTS WERE REALLY STRONG AND CRITS ON PROC WITHOUT REPLACING AND YES, THAT'S WHAT WE SHOULD GET TILL T16) was painful and idiotic.

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    yeah, current spriests are very... idk. the spec desperately needs better cooldowns for pure single target fights. we just aren't competitive without SWDeath/TOF cheesing.

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    I loved the idea of ToF baseline.
    Still, the only CD we need is Orbs refreshment before the pull. With potion, early BL or troll BL and some pushable trinkets like VP trinket that is gonna be mad burst.

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    it's really not... our DP's are 24 seconds apart unless we have DI (with good rng)... our bloodlust-on-pull dps is crap. with trinkets yes it will go up some, but it'll go up way way way more for warlocks. we need some sort of either passive which gives us shorter mindblast cooldown with haste, or a 3 min cooldown that gives us faster mindblasts for a short time (or severely buffs mindflay) so that we can stack more for lust.

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