We just started Will of the emperor HC 10 man last night.I was healing with a Monk.
I tried both tactics available for healing at the moment:
1. 4 set PVP bonus with EF hotting which i found hard with all the movement and the recent nerf of DP not generating a Holy power.
2. PVE gear - i tried healing the tanks with Divine light when the melee attacks started and putting EF as much as i could on the whole raid.I tried with 3 Holy power on EF and with just 1 and blanketing everyone.
I should mention that everyone is stacking and the people soaking the sparks just go away from the group.

Any tips for healing this? How do you guys do it?Hot everyone and staying in melee of the bosses or of the adds with the 4set PVP? Using normal PVE set and healing everyone with Holy radiance,healing just the tanks with Holy light or Divine light?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thank you