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    Go ham go ham!

    anyone know what the name/where to find that audio/video of the wow player yelling go ham nigga go ham?

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    This will end well....

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    What is this, I don't even

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelle View Post
    This will end well....
    I was hoping for something about the joy of eating dead cooked pigs. Maybe ham was found to be a cure for cancer, abstinence, early onset male pattern baldness. Will the wonder meat ever stop amazing us?
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    im not trolling or anything.its a video or audio clip of a guy playing wow yelling go ham "hard as a mother fucker" o shit hes poping stampede!-i heard it twice but have no clue where to find it.the guy that made it was joking around of course.

    i just wanted to play it for a friend since him and i are both ex-wow players.

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    I thought this will be a sanctuary for west ham supporters. I leave disappointed.
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    It's just a wow player named zomx. I for one think he is hilarious., you can probably find saved vods on his stream channel.

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    It's probably Zomx.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galil ACE View Post


    yeah thats the one-its funny as shit

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    If you say so.

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    OP got what he wanted, so I'm just going to close this here, no point in leaving it open any longer.
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