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    We needed it, get over it.

    I'm a casual raider, I'm a fire mage, I also know that we desperately needed a nerf. If I'm honest I'm happy now. Now if I come top of Skada/Recount that some of it is atleast down to my playing skill. I hate it when I out dps everyone that I just get "OP fire mage" shoved in my face. We needed the nerf to bring us down to where everybody else is. As much as we complain Blizzard aren't going to buff us because we used have high dps and now we are in line with other dps classes. Nerfs/buffs are part of WoW and blizzard are just trying to balance everything.

    Let the flaming begin...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullrog View Post
    We needed the nerf to bring us down to where everybody else is.
    True, but that didn't happen.

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    there are already threads on this subject, please make use of the search function next time.

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    I kinda like these fire nerfs even tought I was huge fire fan and first tought it was overkill. It's fun to play other specs than just fire when they're all on same line (atleast almost). It's boring as hell to stick on one spec for whole expansion

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    Sorry, flaming isn't welcome here so we won't be bringing it.

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    There's a Fire Mage in my guild, he is so over the top about this change it's hilarious. "AMG I AM FORCE PLAY FROZT OMGBLIZZ WTFWQQ¬!". Fire Mages are still pulling better DPS than pretty much every other class, just brought them a little closer.

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