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    Newbie to PvP (Experienced at Game Though)

    Afternoon all

    I've been playing since the game was released in Europe in Feb 2005, but I've never really done any PvP other than one foray into WSG when it was released. I'm going to level a new Forsaken mage and fancy a go at some BG's while levelling. Can anyone point me at some resources for a complete PvP newbie? Tactics, tips & tricks, objectives of the various battlegrounds, that kind of thing? I'm not looking for anything really in-depth, and it'll pretty much be for low-level BG's for now.

    Ta muchly

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    fight on flags/ carts
    Protect your healers
    Focus their healers
    Use snares,ints and stuns aggresivly.
    most bg's are easy to understand after 1-2 battles but these are the big things. prolly forgeting some stuff too.

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    Been playing for a few years and started to pvp recently just like you. What the guy above says are true. Plus I realized that playing defensively makes me won a bg more often. Most of people are playing offensively so I don't think there is much need for another one. The only moments that im going agressive are beginning of bg and countering their offense when you realise you are going to lose that base even if you stand and fight there.

    And one more thing dont try to poly people if there is more than 5 people in a place. It just breaks in the same moment you land it.

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