Thread: Weapon for pvp?

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    Weapon for pvp?


    Might be this is pvp related, but it's also related to warriors as I play that class, so here goes.
    Last night i got Starshatter heroic from Elegon and seeing as I already have T1 wep I was wondering what is best for pvp nowadays?
    Heard something about a pvp power buff on weapons, but yea, I'm not sure still and I'm not really that pro at da pvpzz.
    Both weps are 2/2 btw.

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    You can try them both and see how well they do. That also works. :P PvP Power will always be a good thing in PvP, because it will negate people's resilience. In most cases it will be over strength, intellect and agility.

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    -HC Star shatter:

    +794 Attack power
    +6267 Max damage (weapon damage)

    -T1 PVP:

    +5k pvp power (18.7% damage)
    +664 res

    any one good at math that could figure this out for us
    it comes down to 6267 weapon damage vs 5k pvp power (~19%)

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