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    Guild wars 2 3D Game review by S3DGamerZone

    We are very happy to be showing you S3DGamerZones review of Guild Wars 2. MMO’s are traditionally a very difficult thing to review for several reasons. The biggest is that they keep changing and evolving over time. Game mechanics are constantly being updated along with character progression/Talent trees, this makes it very difficult to have a review stand the test of time. what an MMO starts out being can be very different from how it ends, some have even gone from Subscription based to free to play.

    What we tried to do is focus on the game-play, environment and how it lends itself to 3D. We wanted to focus on the Stereoscopic effectiveness in Guild was 2 and see if there are any major anomaly’s that might make it difficult to play. S3DGamerzone has been lucky enough to have this review done by a Warcraft player which allows us to get a real inside look at what can hinder or help playing games in MMOs. We hope this review will answer all your questions as it provides an in-depth look at Guild wars 2 . We look at not only it’s 3D effectiveness but also how well they integrated it into other game play elements.

    Visit our website Here to see the full 3D review.

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    was very informative, thanks for sharing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odeezee View Post
    was very informative, thanks for sharing.
    I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for your feedback : )

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