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    The hunt of ele shaman(only for pvp)

    GREG: Finally we got him
    CROW: yes…the elemental shaman
    For years now he breaks our b**ls…nerf nerf nerf and still playing!
    What the hell is wrong with this guy?
    GREG: well let’s ask him.
    Shaman!! Why you play elemental?
    SHAMAN: emm…emmm..For lots of reason..For the same reason I like women.
    I just like it..
    And most of all because you give me the choice..
    Because you said to me.. Buy..Make your choice.. And enjoy the game.
    So if I understand correctly the accusation is why do I support (by paying and spare lots of time) your own creation when you “the creator” don’t support it? Am I missing something?
    CROW: (slap on shaman face) shut up you talk too much
    (Whispers to Greg)I think they need nerf they are op..they still talk..
    GREG: (whispers to crow) that slap sounds like the one that I gave to ele shammies with earthquake ..
    Ele shamans this is your top tier spell..the mighty earthquake …but don’t take it it’s a crap…hahahahahah..i really enjoy it ..mmm…im feeling better..some days ago when I was calculating (10million playersx15$=lots of money per month per minute per second) a lightning strikes my mind. One of my unique creation (totems) I will turn them to something common. Who needs unique when you can have common?who needs?
    SHAMAN: emm…emmm.. So if I understand correctly you create maybe the best game ever so far(and why is great game? because it gives you lots of choices. gives you the freedom to do million thinks. unique class abilities etc)
    And at the same time you destroy them? don’t you see that it’s a cheap solution?
    CROW: (slap on shaman face)you talk to much
    Greg I gtg and btw one hunter thinks that they must have as bm an nuclear arrow. What do you say?
    GREG: mmm
    Nerf elemental shaman.
    SHAMAN: Am I missing something?

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    What can I say?

    It all makes sense now.

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    you forgot the part where our main get away ability doesn't work half the time or that your lightning bolt will take forever to cast not do that much damage and probably get you interrupted/silenced. speaking of damage tada lava burst

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