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    Lords of Alexstrasza, A(3/6H MV, 16/16N)

    Lords of Alexstrasza, one of the oldest guilds on the Alexstrasza server, and known for having a long raiding history behind it, is looking to fill a couple key spots on its 10 man raiding roster for Heroic Encounters.

    We are currently 4/6h MV, 6/6N in HoF and 4/4(elite protectors); our raids start at ~7pm(CST), but raider are expected to be prepared at least 15 min in advanced(food/pots/be online); our raid days are Tues - Thurs and Sunday.

    Flasks/enchants/gems are provided via guild bank for raiders.

    Our previous accomplishments include:
    Savior of Azeroth - 15%
    6/7H T12
    7/13H T11
    Bane of the Fallen King
    10/12H 25 ICC
    Realm First 10m Alg
    kil'jaeden down before wrath
    BWL/MC cleared

    Our current needs are:
    Balance Druid - High
    Ele shammy - High
    Healer: low - med - any

    Any exceptional players are welcome to app though.We are not as interested if you are in complete raid quality gear as we are about your personal ability, if you can dodge fire and click cubes, we welcome you to apply.

    If you're interested, please consider checking us out at www.lordsofalex.net

    Or if you have any questions please talk to:
    Usiris - Recruitment Officer
    Stoligold - PvP officer
    Krazfu - Co-Raid lead
    Copegodd - Raid lead
    Isyldra - Guild master/Co-recruitment officer

    Thank you
    -LoA officers
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