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    (A25) Addiction of Spirestone recruiting heals and DPS for 3 night/week H progression

    First things first; <Addiction> of Spirestone is currently recruiting for core spots in 25m raiding of T14 progression content. Spirestone is a PST PVP server, and raid times are Tues, Thurs, Sun from 6p-10p PST (9p-1a EST). If your schedule precludes you from these days and/or times on a regular basis, you need not apply. Addiction is currently [2/6H, 6/6, 3/4] in 25m and has an immediate need for the following classes/specs:

    -Currently closed
    -DPS warrior and/or DK
    -Feral druid
    -Elemental Shaman
    -Shadow Priest

    -Holy Paladin

    If you do not see your class/spec listed, but are still interested in 25man progression raiding, continue reading as we are always willing to make room for exceptional players.

    Still reading? OK, time for some history. <Addiction> was born on 4-8-2005, and since then we have a well known and established reputation on Spirestone. While many guilds have risen and fallen since our creation, Addiction has remained a steady constant on the server. This is due to our solid and dedicated leadership, fair guild policies, and consistent performance from raiders who genuinely enjoy the 25m atmosphere. Over the years we have gotten a lot of Realm Firsts under our belt and plan to get a lot more as MoP continues. If you choose to be a part of Addiction you will be part of a legacy on Spirestone.

    What we demand from our raiders:
    - Enthusiasm about and effort towards raiding. This means taking pride in your performance and aiming to improve your WoL ranks each week. This means not being dead weight, and not being a morale killer during progression. We are not here to hold hands; if you are unable to execute a strategy, avoid a mechanic, or understand an element of the fight after experiencing it, you are holding back the group.
    - A high level of knowledge about your class as reflected by your gear, spec, and combat logs. Familiarity with your current theorycraft is expected, and knowledge of roles and abilities other than your own is highly encouraged. It is expected that you research *at least* the basics prior to the encounter. This includes fight mechanics (and applicable differences between normal and heroic), your role in the fight, and any pertinent phases, fires to not stand in, or boss abilities.
    - Adequate raiding experience. Preferably at least 6/6 MSV, 3/6HoF in real raids, with LFR experience on all 16 bosses. Heroic kills or attempts are highly encouraged. A gear level (with proper itemization/reforge, etc) commensurate with your experience is expected. Exceptions will be considered.
    - Availability to raid on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6p-10p PST. However, this is a social and friendly guild, so you should log on outside of these times as well.
    - You should have a computer that can handle the demands of 25man raids, and a reliable internet connection. You should also have a UI that fits your class and role. Working Ventrilo (and mic) for both listening and speaking.
    - PvP experience is a plus, but is not required. High arena/RBG ratings suggest good situational awareness.

    What we provide to raiders:
    -A stable, established, mature guild with a diverse member base and longstanding record of success. We have weathered many storms only to come out better, and the MoP exodus of the masses to 10m raiding is proving to be no different, as we are still going strong in 25 man format.
    -A relaxed but serious atmosphere during raid times. We like to joke and have fun during raids. We gamble during trash, make fun of Andraste, and have a generally light atmosphere. But make no mistake, progression encounters are srs face time.
    -An active and lively guild environment outside of raid time. We have anywhere from 15-30 people on outside of raid time, so the guild does not cease to exist before or after raids. You can always find a group for world bosses, 5man content, etc. Vent remains lively while members may be playing alts or other games (LoL, D3, etc.). We have many dedicated achievement hunters, which leads to lots of groups for challenge modes, scenarios, and old content.
    - Lots of Canadians and an enhancement shaman to make fun of.
    - Addiction is alt friendly (even if MoP is NOT).
    -We provide Repairs and Feasts for all Raiders. Flasks and potions are mandatory and not provided unless spec/role swaps are requested for the raid.
    -Loot is handled through DKP/council system.

    So, if you’re currently stuck raiding 10 mans and want to get back to the thrill of 25s, OR if you’re currently raiding and being held back by 9/24 other people, <Addiction> would like to talk to you. You can apply at our website www.addictionwow.com via the recruitment tab, or talk to myself or an officer in game: Nairobi (Nairobi#1185), Tranq, Dominant, Assyn and GM Ninja (Gurk#1465).
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    What are all the good DPS and healers doing this weekend?

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    Bump for Monday. DPS spots and a healer position available for Tuesday's reset!

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    Bump for the Tranquil Masters tonight.

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    Bump before raid reset. Will be 3+/6H next week, spots available now!
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