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    ilevel 483 Fire Mage & Spriest LF New Group


    I'm an ilevel 483 fire mage looking for a new group with my spriest friend of comparable gear level. I'd love a group that raids at (or after) 8p EST week nights up until midnight EST, ok with earlier on weekends (Saturday, Sunday). Stuck in a group that is lacking the other raid members to pass Elegon, but looking to move somewhere we could progress. Research fights, put in effort, not experiencing same from group. Want to remedy that. Thanks in advance!
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    We are in need of a few great players to round out our 10 man raid team.

    We are 2/6H MSV, 4/6 HoF, and we raid Tues Weds and Thurs 6-10 PST. We are seeking someone that will come in, do a great job, be a great communicator, and likes to have some fun dammit!

    Even though we like to have a good time, there are some things a successful candidate must have:

    Great attendance
    Drive to improve
    Commitment to come prepared with all consumables each raid
    Commitment to researching encounters BEFORE we attempt them

    We hold ourselves accountable to do these things. If one raider does not, he is hurting the othr nine raiders around him and it's our promise to you that we will not allow that.

    We believe playing the game well, and progressing keeps the game fun and fresh.

    We have been around since launch day. We cleared all vanilla content except 40 man Naxx (Only two bosses killed). We cleared all content in BC, including Champion of the Naaru and Hand of A'dal titles, killed all content up through Kalegos in Sunwell BEFORE the nerfs, cleared all content in Wrath, including Ulduar and Icecrwon Drakes, cleared all content in Cata, including Firelands and Madness drakes.

    We have a history of clearing content, and we will continue to do so for a long, long time. What we need is one or two like minded people, that want to push progression, that are competitive, also have a great sense of humor (cannot tell you how important that is).

    Go to www.drivencenarius.com for more info.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    A Roman soldier who had fulfilled his duty would retire, but those who came back, and served a general in positions of honor, were called Evocati. As they had retired, but still desired to continue in their way of life, so do we. Evocati is a place for former Hardcore raiders to push heroic content in an atmosphere more tolerant of a real life.

    It is NOT a casual guild.

    This is a refuge for exceptional players who still min/max their toons, research fights, and desire to progress through the roughest content blizzard can throw our way. The majority of our roster consists of top-100 guild raiders that can't raid 30+ hours/week anymore. While there are ranks in Evocati, there are not clearly defined officer positions or castes. Here, you are either a Raider, or you are not.

    Everyone participates in preparing for raid by offering ideas for strats, materials for feasts, and everyone plays like a champion. As a raider you can expect respect from your teammates, because they will trust you to do the right thing and perform at the maximum potential for your class and spec. You will also hear the unadulterated truth about your performance. If you are not hacking it, you will be told, and be expected to fix it, or you will not raid.

    Progression: 1/6 H-MSV 3/6 HoF 25-man

    RAID SCHEDULE: Tuesday and Thursday 8:30pm-11:30pm EST

    Currently recruiting all exceptional players! We run a small roster (30-31). We are not recruiting for the bench.

    High need: Ranged


    So if Evocati sounds like what you have been looking for, and if you think you have what it takes to be one of us, feel free to open a dialogue with a Raider (Zip#1398) or fill out an application.

    Server: PvE-Zul'Jin (15-20 U.S.) 1 Horde/.6 Alliance. Pop=High

    Website: evocati.enjin.com

    Apply at evocati.enjin.com/recruitment

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    Ignis Aurum Probat
    US – Mal'Ganis (PVP) - Horde

    Raid Schedule

    Friday: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm, server time (CST)
    Saturday: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm, server time (CST)

    Check us out at our website. MMO won't let me post it here, but you can find it over at wowprogress or on our recruitment thread here or on the Mal'Ganis forums.

    Fresh guild, great players, already pushing through content to start heroics soon. Looking to expand into 25m very soon.

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    I think you both could be a great fit with us, so I'm pasting our standard recruitment message below. If you like the sound of it, I encourage you both to go to the link at the bottom of the post and post an app on our website. Thank you for your time.

    <Reset> (Thunderhorn - US) was formed with the idea that quality, progression-level raiding and real life are not mutually-exclusive concepts. Rather, we believe that it is the quality of the time spent raiding, not quantity, that separates the good guilds from the mediocre.

    <Reset> is a guild of veteran end-game raiders, many of whom have been pushing progression since the early days of Vanilla WoW. Many members of Reset's roster have played together in some level or another for the better part of a decade, and we have killed enough bosses, wiped enough times, that we understand that raiding success is a team effort, and a team effort only.

    Historically, its members have partaken in US and World Top 100, Top 25, and Top 10 kills. <Reset> and its members have been part of world-record setting kills. What is most impressive, however, is that the guild accomplished this with a raid schedule that was half of most other progression guilds. We accomplished these feats through persistence, but also through professionalism -- a sense of trust in each other that everyone in the raid deserved to be there, and everyone was capable of doing their job.

    After a short hiatus, <Reset> is proud to begin recruitment for progression raiding once again.

    We are looking for a few skilled individuals to round out our 10-man raid group. Despite our old and close ties, we are welcoming to anyone that shares in the philosophy that success must be owned and earned, and never taken for granted.

    We are looking for people that are excited to solve problems. We want people who are as excited to wipe on a new boss as they are to get a new piece of loot. We're looking for people that understand that success is the product of incremental progression, a process which necessarily includes failure, learning, and adjustment. We want people who want to keep the train going, and not people who simply want to ride along.

    Maybe these are just words to you, but if they're not, then you know they're true. If so, you're the kind of raider we're looking for -- and we're the kind of guild you're looking for.

    <Reset> raids 9 hours per week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, from 8:00-11:00 server time (Central). These times may shift based on what's most suitable for the guild.

    We are currently recruiting excellent ranged DPS and healers. Please visit our recruitment forum at http://www.resetguild.guildportal.com to apply.

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    Hey im not going to do a long wall post like these others that copy and paste recruitment spams. We are specifically looking for a geared mage and spriest to add to our 25 man roster so we can continue to push.

    We are Duality from Mal'ganis 5/6 heroic in msv with 16/16 Normal with blade lord tayak heroic and will of the emperor kills in sight sunday. We raid sun, tues, wed and thurs from 6:30 to 11:30cst. If you are interested feel free to add me on battletag at Trudyn#1665 Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

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    Guild: Anonymous
    Server: US Terenas (MST server time)
    Faction: Horde
    Website: anon-terenas.wowstead.com/

    Currently we are running 2 raid groups:
    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 7pm till 10pm server
    Saturday and Sunday 7 pm till 10 pm server

    What is Anonymous Looking For?
    Anonymous is looking for skilled, reliable players to fill our 10 man raids. We need to get the most out of our limited raid time so we are only looking for those willing to put forth the effort required and maintain near perfect attendance.

    Current Needs:
    Tank for the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday raid (any class welcome)
    1 Healer for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday raid (any class welcome)
    Boomkin or SPriest for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday raid

    Loot Distribution:
    Anonymous uses a bidding DKP system.

    Feel free to post an application on our website listed above or if you have any questions, contact us in game.
    GM: Jezbrez and Zarila
    BattleTag : Zarila#1472

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