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    Unhappy Some1 stole 75k from me ;((

    Hi its possbile to get my gold back i log on my acc and i miss 75k ;/
    is blizzard can do something with it ? i never give my pass to any1 never use of sh... bots or smth i scan my PC doing a format dicsc ;/
    any 1 got same problem ? i the past ? ;/

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    From what I can make out of this, the only way you can lose that gold (other than foolishly giving it away) might be that your account was compromised.

    Do you have an authenticator? If not then nows the time to get one. I would suggest contacting customer support at blizzard and sorting the issue out so you can get your gold etc back.

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    Open a ticket and you'll most likely get it back if you're telling the truth. Got hacked and lost all my items, told GM about it and got everything back.

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    Only thing you can really do is open a GM Support Ticket and explain what happened. Also, you might want to get a free Authenticator app for your smartphone.

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    Talk to a GM, if your'e worried your account is compromised, ring customer services. Attach an authenticator if you dont have one, the app is free if you have and android phone etc
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    i have samsung avila ... ;/ so not very smart
    oh man ;/ i will do a ticket but do they gonna back my gold nothing more didn disapper like sha crystal and other ;/ also i got about 8k left

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    How did you lose the gold? Were you hacked?

    There is not enough information in your post to really advise you on how to proceed.
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    Well seems to me the guy got hacked from his tone and talking about scanning his PC so thus OP Contact a GM and they will revert it back.

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    Have you tried calling the company? You can call them.

    P.S. Be polite if you do. It makes it easier on everybody.

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    well i log in on my mage and ther was only 8k gold should be about 83k ; / i play in the morning was everything good

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