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    anyone tried surv pvp after the sting buff?

    been doing arenas/bg's after the sting buff and i might be wrong here but the difference is noticable in both enviroments. Im by far not the best pvp'r but i manage and where i coulnd put pressure on any decent geared healer/dps i can do that now without trouble anyone else tested this out?

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    Well, there's not many poison dispels out there, and healers might be used to saving dispels for other things. It might be good to put pressure on now.

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    depends where? random bg's? sure it works since most opponents are bots/braindead , in any competetive pvp sting and black arrow gets dispelled and you do no dmg

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    Against things that can't dispel it, sure - it all adds up on damage. Even against dispellers, it keeps the pressure on and that's a good thing and it costs them mana. As for Black Arrow, I'd prefer to keep glyphed Explosive Trap ready because it works like an interrupt and can be very efficient depending on how far that knockback actually sends the other player or if it even knocks them out of LoS of their party.
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