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    loot table problem

    i dont know how i did it but the loot table is super skinny and i can only see the picture of the item follow by 1 letter of the persons name. i cant a persons entire name or the roll for the item. i was wondering how i can make the loot table back to normal size.

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    Have you tried dragging the edges? Now that you mention it mine is too big ha but I can't log on right now to see if that works.

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    how would you drag it? i just tried with the edges and it wont let me

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    I don't suppose you've installed Butsu ?

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    There is a small tab at the bottom, middle, of the loot table that you can drag, try that.

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    Assuming you're talking about the Blizzard loot history/roll frame, try this:
    /run LootHistoryFrame:SetWidth(210)
    210 pixels is the default width

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    ty every1 the code work'd perfect

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