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    [Arcane] Single target rotation

    Can someone explain the arcane single target rotation for me? From what I've understood, its something like:

    1. Keep Rune of Power up at all time
    2. Keep Nether Tempest up at all time
    3. Spam blast untill you get to 6 stacks, use all missiles proccs at 6. If you get 2 proccs before you hit 6 debuffs, spend 1.
    4. Cast Barrage to clear stacks.

    Is there something im missing?

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    Basically correct; however, rotation (along with everything else arcane) can be found in the Sticky - MoP Arcane Mage PvE Guide. Don't need a new thread.

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    Yes, there is something you are missing. You don't want to clear stacks if at all possible. In my semi-crappy 485 gear I went all of LFR Spirit Kings and LFR Will without dropping stacks between mana gems, missile procs, casting NT on various targets, and occasionally throwing out a scorch for movement or to fish quickly for an AM proc.

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    Indeed I would suggest reading Chapter 3 of my guide... which I designed so people wouldn't have to open new threads and ask for help, instead it's just there

    You have the basic rotation explained and in 3.2 you have the new Rune of Power 6-Charge camping explained. If you need any more help, feel free to ask your questions there.

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