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    What's the funniest quote from a movie, show, game or real life you ever heard?

    Well as i stated above name the funniest you heard? I got gem "I'm your new probation worker if you cross me I will fu*k you like you never been fu*ked before, you will feel like you have been fu*ked by a train (probation make train chugging sounds)" - season 4 Misfits
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    This thead is going places.

    ...hopefully the off-topic area.
    I'm bitter by default. Don't take it personally.
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    Either give an argument, or be automatically wrong. Your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firecrest View Post
    This thead is going places.

    ...hopefully the off-topic area.
    ^ thats the funniest quote so far

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    I used to be an adventurer like you, then i took an arrow to the knee.

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    Can only remember only one quote at this hour . Imma bust his bunker with the ex-wife . Iron Man II

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