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    I've always wanted to use thermite on funny places. For example, there's a guy down the street pretentious enough to have a gated driveway. Oh yeah? Have fun leaving your house when the gate is melted to the supports.

    Of course, it could get far more sinister than that. I think it would be fascinating to watch it melt through a car roof or something. Of course, I'd rather avoid felony charges.

    But yeah, thermite for the ultimate pyro experience.
    Cant remember where I saw it, but they put it in a coffee can on the hood of a car and it melted right down through the engine block and onto the asphalt, you could see right through. Horrible, but genuinely hilarious.

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    Jumping in nuclear clouds seems apealing too!

    So fluffy

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    Plenty of things I could list however they are highly immoral and/or illegal to do in much of the world and they would only be harmful to me if i were to get caught in the process of doing them.

    I guess I would like to be engaged in a gunfight which I could do if i joined the military however I would most likely end up getting thrown in the brig for shooting my C/O in the face due to one of several disagreements I am sure I would have with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Itisamuh View Post

    For a more serious answer, I would be very tempted in a Ouija Board if I thought there was any truth to them. I am a religious person and all, and I have heard people who I would otherwise say are credible sources say that they have had freaky experiences with them. I have always been tempted to see if I could tap into something dark, but I can never get past that fact that if there was truth to it, there is no way in Hell they would be sold off store shelves.
    ideomotor phenomenon

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    like one of these, but with better control and a 20 foot long streak of firey doom.

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    Assuming there would not be any negative repercussions...

    Flamethrower, acid tank, TANK, rocket launcher, fighter jet.

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    Swords and blades in general...

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    Maybe... water since I can't swim but i really enjoy dunking in the pool

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    I'd like to try space diving (that is, skydiving from orbit, not from some balloon, from LEO).
    I am the Kwisatz Haderach

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    going into space without a space suit, swimming in liquid oxygen, swimming in lava inside an errupting volcano, slashing myself with a katana without consequences for my body, touching things on the inside (like a walking through walls cheat),

    and yeah, the nuclear explosion sounds like an amazing experience.

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    I don't know. A laser gun. Or a laser sword of sorts.

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    A rocket launcher or flamethrower.

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    Knives. Don't want to lose any fingers though.. but the blade is so shiny... must.. cut.. carrots.. >D

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    (---- look at my avatar

    I would love too play with that thing, bombing everything (evil laugh).

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    either lightsabres or thermite.

    id go crazy and thermite people to other people. ;D

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    A Large Hadron Collider....let me play with that shit for a day
    Quote Originally Posted by kasath
    is anyone in this group under 18? my parole officer says I'm not allowed to play wow with anyone under 18

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    I learned the hard way not to play with a cactus. I posed for a photo with my arms around the thing like I was hugging it, but wasn't actually touching it. The wind blew, my sleeve touched the cactus, and this little spike-covered pod broke off, attached to my sleeve. It then attached itself to my arm when I pulled away. Within 5 minutes, I had a huge purple bruise spreading up my arm. Thought it was gonna rot off or something. Went to a doctor and he gave me some antibiotics. And a speech about how stupid it is to play with cacti.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ugum View Post
    A flamethrower.
    Spaceballs: The Flamethrower!

    Yeah, flamethrower sounds fun. Also, I've always wanted to have a room completely full of glass panels set up that I could go to town with with a baseball bat.

    Also...a guillotine. I think every classy person should have their own guillotine.

    Oh, and a hwacha. Anyone who watches Mythbusters knows exactly what I'm talking about.
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