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    How to merge 2 battle.net accounts!!! HELP!

    Hi I am trying to transfer one of my characters to my brothers account. It says that we cant due the fact we have different battle.net accounts. I done RAF with myself and a mate. I was doing for fun and then hoping to transfer the characters I levelled to him. I use my card and my details on my account and obviously he uses his card and his own details.

    Can I change my details on my account to his so that it makes it valid to transfer?

    Or is there no way this can happen?
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    Based on what you have said, it is most likely not possible. To transfer characters between battle.net accounts, both accounts have to have the exact same information. Some of that information cannot be changed after the account has been set up. This restriction is in place to discourage account/character selling.

    You can try calling customer service and see if they might be willing to do it for you, but probably they will not.
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