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    Heroic Will of the emperor question

    My guild just cleared Garajal and Elegon on heroic this week, im trying to plan how we will deal with H Will of the emperor and i have a couple of questions

    1. 2 or 3 heals? its easily 2 healable on normal... could almost solo heal it but the dmg on heroic just seem insane so 3 heals?
    2. according to my setup, how would u handle the spark soaking?

    Ret paly
    ele sham (or mage)
    afflic lock
    Holy paly
    resto / balance druid
    disc / holy priest
    druid tank
    prot warrior

    I was thinking about the ret (me) tanking the Stength and soaking their Spark with Divine protection and a shield from the priest
    For the rages, i was thinking about hunter Deterance (4-6 rages at a time) and rogue CoS if needed
    For the courages, i think the warlock could soak em all

    Any idea or comments would be welcome

    thx a lot

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    2 heal

    Use rogue, hunter and balance druid (with cloak through symbiosis) to soak sparks
    Use balance druid, hunter and ele shaman or frost mage for add control and DPS
    Use affliction warlock for damage, with assisting stuns on the adds and slows on the courage (70% slow glyph)
    Use ret pally to tank and dps the strength adds

    You do not need to stack up any rages. Your rogue should also be able to handle all strength and courage sparks alone, but having someone able to help when needed could be helpful (pala bubble for example).

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    all right, thx a lot

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    If you handle the emperor's rages adds in the same way as the guys in this video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qg7cAK1kqJE Your hunter can take absolutely every spark from the Emperor's rages with deterrence as long as he takes Crouching tiger hidden Chimera talent so that he has a 1 min cooldown on deterrence. My guild found it to be a bit messy to kill every pair of Emperor's rages as they came and found it better to CC every 2nd pair out of 3 pairs then kill the 2nd and 3rd pairs together.

    Basically it goes like this :

    0:20 1st Pair of Emperor's Rage. Killed Immediately. Hunter takes 2 sparks with deterrence.

    0:35 1st Emperor's Strength.

    0:52 2nd Pair of Emperor's Rage. Kept crowd controlled while the group finishes off the emperor's strength. If nothing is up to kill then people can dps the boss a bit.

    1:08 1st Emperor's Courage. Killed while waiting for next emperor's rages to arrive.

    1:24 3rd Pair of Emperor's Rage. AFTER the courage is dealt with, these Rages are nuked down evenly together with the 2 CC'd rages from 0:52. Hunter takes the 4 sparks with deterrence. Hunter then uses readiness to reset his deterrence cooldown so that it's available for next sparks (this use of readiness is only required before the 1st boss burn phase because there are 6 pairs of rages at the start but only 3 pairs per burn phase later on).

    Rinse and repeat for the remainder of the fight.
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