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    50% vp buff gone?

    Im vp capped on my main but my alts are not getting 50% vp buff. Wtf.

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    Maybe now u have to buy that new token from the faction vendors for make the buff possible for alts? Dunno, maybe this is different...

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    I'm still getting it.

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    was working for me last night

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    Quote Originally Posted by Playintrafic View Post
    Im vp capped on my main but my alts are not getting 50% vp buff. Wtf.
    I have to ask that: Are the main and alts on the same realm? The buff is just Realm wide.

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    Yeah it's working fine for me as well (EU), you're probably checking chars on another realm?
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    are you capped at 3k?

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    Was about to ask the same as Peachpies.

    If you are capped at 3000 VP, that wont earn you the 50% bonus.

    However, getting the weekly cap at 1000 VP will give you the bonus, regardless of how much VP you are currently holding on that char.

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    Still there, just received it.

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    Last week I remember there being a weird hour-ish delay on it showing up for me, but it eventually did.

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