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    Weakauras help

    Hey, I'm trying to set up some weakauras icons for my cooldowns. I wanted to start off with my pet nova. What I want it to do is this: whenever it's not on CD icon should show without text or anything. When it's on CD icon should show with cooldown. I don't know where to find the setting to make it still visible when not on cooldown. Atm it just dissapears whenever it goes of cooldown

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    Make two. One inverted the other not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendraeg View Post
    Make two. One inverted the other not.
    Is that the only possible way? If not I'd rather do it in the same icon. Anyways thanks!

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    It has to be done with two separate aura's. Something like this;

    First one shows when available (icon only), second one shows cooldown of Freeze.

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    I do something similar, and use 2 icons. One icon for when the ability is ready, and another that tracks the duration of the resulting debuff on the target. Just place them right on top of each other since only one should be active at a time anyhow.

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    Yea I did that for now, Was a bit of extra work but nothing to major since I only had to do it for around 10 spells Thanks for help!

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    I'm pretty sure you don't need two seperate auras to do that. Just two separate triggers inside one aura, one inverted, one not. You just need it to show on "Any Trigger" and enable "Cooldown" in the display tab.
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