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    [H] (Stormscale) <Misery> [6/6 MV] [4/6 HoF] Recruiting Healer/Tank

    Hi All,

    Misery is currently looking to recruiting a few members for its core 10 man raiding team.

    Our Raid schedule:

    Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 19:30 - 23:00

    What we require:

    100% dedication and attendance as well as a fun mature raiding attitude.

    What we offer:

    Excellent raid environment & a pleasant social environment

    What we're currently looking for:

    1 x Resto druid or 1 x Holy Paladin
    1 x Blood DK tank

    If interested please drop an app at misery-ss.guildlaunch.com or pm Kubuzo / Abx / Glaedz / Tyranis in game.

    // Tyr
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    Also recruiting a blood dk

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