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    Cool [A] Quality (5/6 HC MV 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToES) LF insane dps!

    Quality was originally founded on Eonar's horde side at the start of the Wrath of the Lich king expansion.
    We were one of the former successful guilds raiding 25's back then.
    After a cataclysmic expansion most of the old core players decided to get back together
    to sweep the floor with the new MoP bosses.
    This time as an Alliance guild, still residing on Eonar nevertheless ;-)

    Progress MoP:

    Mogu'shan Vaults 6/6 normal
    Mogu'shan Vaults 5/6 heroic

    Heart of Fear 6/6 normal
    Heart of Fear 0/6 heroic

    Terrace of Endless Spring 4/4 normal
    Terrace of Endless Spring 0/0 heroic

    Wednesday, Thursday and Monday from 20:00-0.00 (Extra raiddays can be added during progress if needed)

    We are looking for a few more stable players to get us back on track, therefor we encourage
    any "quality player" to apply even when your class isn't listed in our recruitment updates.

    Currently recruiting:

    - Insane dps!! Any class will be considered!!
    - Holy/Disc priest
    - Resto Shaman

    You can apply at: http://quality-eonar.enjin.com

    Quality's raid history so far:

    Progress WOTLK
    Our status in 10 man instances.

    <Quality> completly cleared all 3.0 content 10man including

    OS10+3D, of the Nightfall
    Glory of the Raider

    Ulduar 10 man progress, hardmodes completed.

    During these, we also obtained Champion of Ulduar title and Starcaller Title.

    Trial of the Crusader, including Tribute to Insanity with multiple groups.

    Northrend Beasts
    Lord Jaraxxus
    Faction Champions
    Twin Val'kyr

    Icecrown Citadel 10 man

    Cleared including server 1st Lich King 10 man normal

    25 man raid progress.

    Quality completly cleared all 3.0 content 25man including

    OS25+3D, Twilight Vanquisher

    Ulduar 25 man progress,


    Trial of the Crusader 25 man progress, main and alt group.

    Northrend Beasts HM
    Lord Jaraxxus HM
    Faction Champions HM
    Twin Val'kyr HM

    Icecrown Citadel 25 man

    Cleared Normal
    Cleared Heroic

    Cataclysm progress, main and alt groups

    Dragon Soul 10 man HC cleared
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    Progress updated, still need talented players to apply, we need you!

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    Once again progress updated! If you think you got what it takes to join our team, please don't hesitate to apply, even if your class isn't listed in the recruitment list!

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    Progress and Recruitment updated!

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    Progress and recruitment updated!

    Currently looking for some insane dps! Are you able to pull it off while also being a star in movement at same time? Please don't hesitate to apply! We need YOU!

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