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    Darius is retardly OP

    This is a rant thread I warn you.

    Just had a game, we completely dominated the entire game.

    5/0/0 ADC 0/0/5 sup, 3 assist for our jungler in less then 5 min's.

    Mid was ryze farmed up and farming their kata, he was like 5/2 by the same time.

    Top we had olaf vs darius, our olaf was 4/1 their darius 1/4.

    Jungler giving buffs, and ganking a lot, we we're prob something around 20k + above them ( 3 towers down adn every single dragon )

    Now by the time team fights start the game is something like 30/12-13 or something like that.

    their darius was 1/9 although he didn't have a lot of farm either once in teamfights, he destroys the entire team on his own. although as nami I focus my bubble on him, and my exhaust. Ulti to stop their kata's ulti etc.

    Now their darius get's free kills because we just can't kill him.

    Most teamfights end up with 4 of us half hp and darius alive. He ends up taking all the kills and getting more ridiculously OP.

    They really gotta nerf him bad, like the passive on his ult should be more like reduce cd by half when he get's a kill with it. Beeing able to spam it in teamfights for true dmg and just getting free penta's is just ridiculous.

    They also have to reduce his dmg all over his skills because the dmg + his passive is just retarded high dmg even early game and vs tank champs.

    The only time I see a darius not owning is when his team is surrendering at 20 and there are no real teamfights. He is way too tanky for his dmg output.

    /end rant

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    If you wish to vent about a bad game, please use the thread that.


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