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    Post unholy Death Knight!

    Hello MMO-Champion User, Does anybody have or can tell me a Good UI for a Unholy DK? I want one what is a close to the blizzard one but u just have more spell spaces? Please Help me out!


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    If you're looking simply for more spell space download an action bar addon like bartender4 or dominos. Most UI takeovers will be extremely different than the blizzard UI but in that respect I do and would use elvui
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    Can't ever go wrong with the default. You can always make modifier macros for your abilities for more barspaces. I only use 3 bars and have 123456qwrtyaghzxcvb with shift, ctrl, and alt modifiers. That should probably be enough keys

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    You don't need a special UI or anything. I do find, however, that ElvUI rocks for arena at least (gives me comp before we even enter). The default UI will work just fine. I only recommend taking something for rune/disease tracking like Rune Tracker or similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    gives me comp before we even enter
    So does the default.

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    Get the addon called "Button Forge" This addon allows you to create extra action bars without removing the default UI. It simply creates an extra actionbar.

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    Just make sure you can properly see your resources at all times. Rest doesn't matter.

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