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    Question Affliction Simcrafting. Help?

    Hey there. I have spent probably 10k upwards going from;

    askmrrobots - Default PvE Spec/Hit Cap spec


    Simcraft stat weights plugged directly into AskMrRobot.

    However, I have found no matter how I simcraft, I seem to always get different results. Some favouring Haste and some favouring Hit, and even some increasing the weight of Crit.

    I have given up slightly and gone for the hit cap weights on AskMrRobot. But I've come to you guys for some help, as I'm sure I am doing something wrong to be getting these varied results which cost a fortune to switch from and into. I have read the guides for simming, but by those standards I should be getting one set of weights and not a completely different set when re-simming.

    Please tell me if I am wrong. And feel free to ridicule my armory;


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    Are you changing anything inbetween sims? I just ran your weights twice and got these results:

    Result 1: Int 3.96 Hit 1.54 Crit 1.33 Haste 1.92 Mastery 1.86
    Result 2: Int 3.95 Hit 1.57 Crit 1.31 Haste 1.90 Mastery 1.87

    None of those differ enough to make any difference.

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    SimulationCraft ( not simcraft ) stat weights will always differ, but will stay within the given error boundaries 95% of the time.

    So without giving actual numbers, including the error reported, such a claim is pretty meaningless.

    Oh and if you compare scale factors for two different gear sets ( eg. one with hit cap, and one with full haste ), you will get different scale factors. That has nothing to do with SimC, that's just how linear approximation works.

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    This thread might help you out to understand how SimC works and how to implement the changes, and then reforge again to see if those changes make for more DPS. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...imulationCraft

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