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    Starting out: RBGs

    I need direction on what it takes to be a viable choice when getting selected for a RBG from a group. It seems everyone has such high standards (i.e. req 1.5k, 1.8k, 2k, etc... link achv,) that i cant seem to find a group of people who are in the same position as me that are just starting out and trying to find a door to stick my foot in. I was originally a Ret pally with 59% resil and 34% pwr (trying to get 2h weapon) but then I xfrd to Kel'thuzad and realized Ret pallies are not as desired as Hpallys. I am in the middle of converting to a holy pally and so I will be gemming and enchanting my gear ASAP.

    I have the basic knowledge to be competitive in pvp but I simply dont have the experience. I can watch youtube videos all day and learn strats for diff bgs but its all for naught when you cant find opportunties to get into RBGs.

    Please, if anyone out there is willing to give me some direction as to how i can gain experience in RBGs. I don't want to have spend real money to get carried in a 2.4k rating group. I enjoy competition and i take it seriously but at the same time I don't devote my life to it. If i can find a RBG before tomorrow then I will have the opportunity to get 400 cp and then another 1800 next week for the 1h pvp weapon.

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    My advice is either go to teamfind.com and make a account and look for a cross realm RBG. Or join a guild that doesn't have to to high of standards... like a 1600 in 3's req. guild would be good that does RBG's. And then get a small bit of rating from them then hop into a higher req. guild that wants you to be 1600/1800 in RBG's. Then rinse and repeat. Then when you're at the rating you want to be at, find a top end guild and boom you reached your goal.

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    I appreciate the advice. I didnt know about teamfind.com.

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    openraid.us / openraid.eu work as well.

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    Play a cloth caster.

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    You also can start with random groups that do only 1 win/week for the 2200 cap. Most of them have no rating requirements. Your rating will grow very slowly, but you can gather some experience in rbgs.

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    Didnt know about teamfind till now an i have to say after signing up its amazing already got a couple invites for cross realm RBGs!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Valac View Post
    Didnt know about teamfind till now an i have to say after signing up its amazing already got a couple invites for cross realm RBGs!!
    Hi! This is the creator of Teamfind. I'm glad to hear you found something so quickly

    Please let me know if you have any questions, and especially if you have any suggestions. Or, of course, you can contact me through the site

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zergal View Post
    Play a cloth caster.
    This ^ fail proof.

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    Thanks for the teamfind tip! Did not know about this site Hopefully I'll get started with RBGs now

    @Pyrilus - how exactly do I find a RBG group on this site? :P Tried the [Join RBG Group], but said it wasnt ready yet ^^
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    Coming soon(tm), I promise. Nearly done.

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