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    Brother's healing issues

    Hey folks my brother (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...lyhoopz/simple ) is having issues with his holy pally - And no thats not me I tank and raid lead. Anyway he feels his mana pool isn't sufficient and is considering rerolling. Which brings me to the questions: From the gear is he doing something horribly wrong? If not and theres valid here, he's considering going either shaman or druid (by 5.2 our healing team will be monk Holy priest and him the monk is currently a shammy but is switching because he likes monk better. which means my raid loses mana tide which makes my brothers complaint even more worrisome. I guess I'm asking if other pallies feel this way, and druid vs shammy what seems to be preforming happier these days?

    Any help would be awesome.

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    Do you have logs?

    I feel my mana is fine, you just have to adjust to the changes. Holy Radiance spam is not really viable in the current tier.
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    His gear looks ok, although he should try to replace the Pickled Egg trinket ASAP. It's one of the worst trinkets for us. I'd consider trying to pick up Vial of Ichorous Blood (heroic Siege of Niuzao), or Price of Progress (heroic Scholomance). The haste proc is undependable and really doesn't help us enough to be worth it.

    Other things that I notice, he's glyphed for Flash of Light, which says to me that he's probably depending on FoL more than he should. The glyph is really intended for a Selfless Healer spec with gives free FoL's for every 3rd Judgement. Since he's not spec'd for Selfless Healer, glyph of FoL is not a great choice. This is probably also leading to some of his mana problems. (Also, I don't recommend chaging to a Selfless Healer spec since that is the worst talent in that tier for holy).

    For glyphs, I would suggest Protector of the Innocent, which is a solid HPS glyph and reduces the need to heal yourself directly as holy. Divinity is very solid, keep that one. The third is somewhat of a toss-up. I use glyph of Beacon of Light for the removed gcd. It's very nice for frequent beacon swapping, wich can really boost efficiency if you play it right. Divine Protection is a good choice for fights with a lot of physical damage (Zor'lok and Garalon for example).

    Stats, his mastery seems a bit low. I'm about 5 ilvl higher than him but running 8% more mastery right now. Haste gems/enchants should be scrapped in favor of Int > Spirit > Mastery as sockets and available enchants allow. He should not go out of his way to match socket bonuses, but generally, its better to hit a bonus than to take a stronger stat and get no bonus. The exception would be bonuses that give crit or haste, both of which are of low value as holy. As a small note about haste, we have breakpoints for EF ticks at 15% and 25%. 15% is basically guaranteed between raid buffs, Seal of Insight, and a bit from gear. 25% is at the high end of what's possible in current gear and should not be a goal since the cost is far too much mastery/spirit.

    Lastly, playstyle. As I mentioned before, I suspect he's using a lot of FoL, which is not efficient at all. If he need's burst healing, better to use an Infusion of Light proc with Divine Light for a fast, heavy heal. Otherwise, stick to Holy Shock/Holy Light/Eternal Flame for single target and Shock/Radiance/LoD for AoE. Obviously, he should find a balance between those 2 extremes in situations that don't require strictly one style or the other.

    As far as your question, I don't feel my mana is too tight on any normal mode fights so far. We 2-heal everything except Stone Guard at this point and our heal comp is somewhat varied. I'm always healing (holy pally) with either resto shammy, monk, or disc priest depending on who's available and who is better for a given fight. Will of the Emperor is the only fight that causes me to really watch my mana but its still not an uncomfortable fight for me. With respect to druid v. shammy, I've not healed with a druid this tier. Shamans look very strong and our shammy can be competitive with me on any fight we heal together.

    P.S. Check my sig for my pally's setup. Primary spec is PvE holy in case I'm logged out in PvP spec.

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    Unfortunately no logs available but i know he rarely uses Radiance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yamilonewolf View Post
    Unfortunately no logs available but i know he rarely uses Radiance.
    It's actually not as bad running the 2-set bonus like he is, although still not spammable. If he can target it onto a group of at least 5 people who need healing, it is still a very efficient heal per mana spell.

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    @ Kurzior: His Glyph of Flash of Light spec also has Glyph of Blessed Life which makes me think its a PvP oriented spec.

    @ OP: Druids are pretty easy to play right now (just in my opinion, the difficult part is using your utility in different shapeshift forms well) but probably a lot weaker than paladins when it comes to raid utility. I know I was playing my druid as resto, but basically the guild I am joining required a holy paladin/priest so I leveled my paladin instead. All healing classes have mana management now, it's no more rejuv blanket, chain heal spam, or radiance spam like 4.3.

    The other spec he is running seems to be a damage-oriented spec. So really, try to find out what spec is being used for what, because I don't really see a raiding glyph set up, just a damage and a PvP-based (from the glyphs and repentance, but I question his other talents) spec.

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    One huge thing I'm seeing is that he has a haste build when what's really strong right now is mastery. There should be no pure stat gems other than spirit anywhere. Green gems are spirit/mastery and purple are int/spi. Get rid of the straight haste gems for sure. Mastery healing is my top heal on every fight.

    Without logs it's hard to say what he can change as far as spell selection is concerned but I'm guessing he's not using holy shock to its full advantage either.

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