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    Garalon 10 Normal Help

    Our guild is rather casual but when it comes to 22 wipes in one night it can be frustrating...any assistance would be much appreciated at all whether it comes to tactics or self improvement to any raiders! Our raid comp consists of:

    (Main spec first, other is viable gear-wise)
    Prot/Arms Warrior
    Guardian/Resto Druid
    2x Resto/Ele Shammys
    Holy/Ret Pally
    Ret Pally
    Shadow Priest

    We have tried switching our roles and who is kiting and tanking to almost every possible composition we see. Our next plan is to have battle healer glyphed Ret Pally tank as our best attempts we were short on DPS, and healing seems to be an issue to make 2 healing not viable. We have the Ret pally (and rogue/warrior if not tanking) focus on the legs themselves except the start, and let range switch to the front left leg along with soakers to handle that leg out of range, while rotating the boss clockwise.

    We've had our rogue, warrior, and druid tank soak. And tries variations of tanks/heals kiting, or 3 heals/dps kiting.

    I cannot post links as I have not posted much, but our guild is Project Jenova - Windrunner if anyone bothers to look it up! Our last raid was this last thurs 11/29. Thanks.

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    My suggestion is to use the Holy Pally and the bear as soakers. Kiters: Bear -> Mage -> Hunter -> Shadow Priest. I wouldn't really recommend a healer to go and kite as it might make it tricky in the healing department.
    And tell your arms warrior to use Sweeping Strikes - he used it a grand total of 0 times in your longest fight that was 7 min+

    You have 2 resto shamans. Which means loads of cooldowns like spirit link, healing tide totems and ascendence to go around before the crush happens.
    Make sure everyone is almost topped off before you hand off the pheromones. Tell your kiters to yell out a few seconds before they switch so the healers can top everyone off.

    On pull: Blow Timewarp and kill all 4 legs. After that, only melee should be on legs. NONE of the ranged should touch them - instead tell them to nuke the body.

    Make sure you are pre-potting and repotting... the only person in the entire raid who used a pot is the rogue (1 time). Especially since you're blowing Hero at the start, all the more reason to pre-pot and repot on a boss that is a dps check for your raid. It's the absolute minimum - and please make sure the whole raid has food buff for each pull. Basic stuff.

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