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    Shadows and Dust [A] 6/6H MSV 3/6H HoF 4/4 ToES

    *Do not let the price of a transfer discourage you, we are willing to help cover those costs*

    <Shadows and Dust> is an Alliance raiding guild on the Arygos server (PvE). A new name and some new faces but the core of our group has played together since TBC and we are looking to flesh out a few weak spots in our current roster.

    You would be applying for a spot in our core 10 man and we would expect you to be at the appropriate gear level to step in and hold your own. All raiders are expected to come to progression with knowledge of each of the bosses mechanics and having watched/read relevant strategies.

    We have three designated raid nights per week: Tues/Weds/Sun 7pm EST to 11pm EST
    On progression we have been known to extend our raid night by 1 hour and at times add in a fourth night (which would be discussed and only done if schedules permit it). We have the mindset that we do not need to regularly spend 4+ nights a week in a raid to remain competitive. We currently hold world and US boss rankings with a less hardcore schedule and feel we can continue to do so.

    While our raid schedule leans towards the 'casual' slightly, our mentality during raids is far from it. Because of our 3 night raid schedule there is a heavy emphasis on our raiders coming in fully prepared for the full night of raiding. We have multiple raiders who consistently log in the top of their respective class/spec and would expect applicants able to do the same, respeccing and glyphing on a fight by fight basis is what blizzard and we require from each member to maximize their job per fight.

    When we say raids start at 7pm we mean that everyone should be in the raid, buffed, and pulling at 7pm and be prepared to maintain a high level of focus until we do call the raid at 11pm.

    Now! To the heart of the matter!

    We are currently looking to upgrade at specific positions, while ALL classes/specs are encouraged to apply if you're an exceptional player, the below mentioned are considered high demand.

    High Need:
    1 Tank
    1 DPS

    *An exceptional hunter could easily find spot as well

    Again! EVERY app is looked and considered seriously, regardless of class/spec. If you think you could come in and earn a spot I would love to hear from you.

    Please use our website to follow the guidlines for posting an application.

    My realid for easy contact: [email protected]
    Last edited by velren; 2012-12-12 at 03:58 PM. Reason: a very late update to our HoF progress, stay tuned we raid again tonight.

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    If for some reason in game contact is not viable atm, feel free to contact me via this thread or by PM

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    another late edit and bump. updated HoF progression much slower then i should as well as the class needs. thanks

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    quick bump for updated progression: Terrace cleared in 2.5 hours for server first on all bosses Tuesday, heroic Spiritbinder and Elegon followed Weds.

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    late update (swear im horrible as this stuff) to progression and our needs. Look forward to many quality apps!

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