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    <Storm> [A] 9/16 LF Tank

    Guild Name: Storm
    Server: Sargeras (CST, PvP)
    Loot: Loot Council
    10 Man Semi-Hardcore
    9 Hour/Week

    Schedule (All times CST)
    Monday: 8-11PM
    Tuesday: 8-11PM
    Wednesday: 8-11PM

    MSV: 6/6 Normal
    HoF: 3/6 Normal
    Terrace 0/4 Normal
    Adopting a semi-hardcore play style, the guild maintains a 3 day, 9 hour weekly schedule. But a short schedule does not mean we will not push to remain competitive with other guilds. All raiders will be expected to remain informed about their class and min/max as needed. Our group is competitive and seeks to accomplish as much as possible within our raiding window.

    We run a small roster of 11-12 players, their alts, and socials. Currently, we intend to stick with 10 man progression, but would consider moving to 25 mans should the option present itself.

    Potential Members...
    are driven to push new content, not give up halfway through.
    are adults in age and mentality (18+).
    know that a short raid schedule ≠ casual.
    have a sense of humor, but know how to get serious during a raid.
    have a strong raiding background and min/max mentality.
    are reliable.
    should be capable of and wanting to complete hardmodes pre-nerf if possible.
    are not close to being burnt-out or quitting the game.

    Current Needs
    Recruitment is currently: OPEN

    Any exceptional dps feel free to apply.

    We will always consider experienced, talented applicants regardless of need.
    Interested players can apply at www.storm-sargeras.guildlaunch.com

    Recruitment Contact:
    Bromaxx (Romaxton#1785)
    Kibitoshin (Kibitoshin#1478)
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