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    resolution issue

    Hey guys! First time posting here so I'm not sure if there is a thread about this already or anything, sorry in advance if there is.

    I'm making a UI for a friend of mine, the issue is that he plays at 1080x1920, but I only play at 1680x1050. Now IIRC, if I make the UI at my res. and send the files to him they don't scale up? or do they... ? if they don't is there anyway for me to design a UI at his resolution even if I can't personally use his resolution?

    Again sorry if there is an easy solution, I'm alittle new to designing UIs

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    If you anchor properly, it's not a big deal - things in/near a corner should be anchored to the corner, things that need to be centered should be anchored to center, etc. No guarantees, however - I'm still finding problems with my UI after moving from a 1680x1050 monitor to a 1920x1080, and that was over a year ago.
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