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    [A] Horizon-Bleeding Hollow Recruiting for RBGs

    Horizon is a multi-game community of experienced players who strive for one thing: To excel in competitive gaming.

    Horizon members have been a name in the competitive arena in many past MMOs, ranging from Planetside, ToR, GW2, BF3 and LoL. We also have active members competing in Natural Selection 2, Planetside 2, Smite and Mechwarrior Online. A group of veteran WoW members have decided to return and do the same in the realm of PvP and RBGs. We are looking to establish ourselves as Alliance on the Bleeding Hollow server and are looking to boost the ranks of our WoW Guild with more veterans. Come be part of the process!

    Our most active gaming time is generally between 7PM-11PM EST M-F and 1PM-11PM EST Sat/Sun. We are discussing more concrete times as more players get involved. We are primarly looking to improve ourselves for PvP primarily RBGs, but are working on providing PvE content on the side. We are recruiting any and all classes.

    Come visit us at clan-horizon.com

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    To the top for more PvP friends

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