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    recently started getting weird chinese dating ads on random websites...

    as it says, since a few days, i've been getting in-line pop-up advertisements involving a website with Chinese ladies. these don't seem to be related to the websites themselves. for example, one of them appeared on the word "date" in the "join date" beneath an avatar on this website. another appeared on the word "single" in a random Reddit comment. they seem to be related to my computer, maybe to a Chrome extension. could this be caused by the "wxDownload" extension?
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    Sounds like intrusive advertising, probably an extention. try disabling them 1 by one on a page that has one on them and figure out which one it is.
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    Your web browser has a trojan. It probably also records credit card numbers in addition to pushing advertisement shit on your face.

    Instead of being a Chrome extension it could also be a web proxy which affects all browsers installed on your computer.
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    I see chinese dating ads all the time too, but they're in appropriately shady websites, so it's cool~ That Tia Xiang was pretty cute...

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    download spybot SnD, I had the same problem. it's called like text enhance or something? ran spybot and it removed the highlighted ad text.

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