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    Monitoring internet stability?

    Since moving house my internet has been very unreliable and the internet has completely disconnected (ADSL light out on modem) around 3 times a night on average. Today I had a technician around who discovered faults with the phone line.

    So during this time while my internet has been unreliable, it's been impossible to play games like UO or D3 hardcore, where a disconnect can cost you months of progress. I'm still too cautious about playing them and want to find a program that could monitor my internet disconnections - haven't been able to find anything from Google. I figure if I can leave my comp on for a week and get 0 disconnections during that time, it's safe to play.

    Does anyone know any good programs I could use to do this?

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    just setup a persistent ping to something

    start > run > cmd

    ping www.google.com -t

    let it go for a while, if you don't get any long periods where it says "Request timed out." it's probably more reliable.

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    Good idea, but won't it start getting cut off after a certain amount of lines (even if it's like 100,000 lines, it wouldn't take a full day to do that)

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    You could do

    ping google.com -t > C:\ping.txt

    Will dump the results into a text file called ping.txt so you could review it later.

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    Awesome, thanks, didn't know you could log it

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