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    About 1-2 hours of sports, 5 days a week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daetur View Post
    I go to them gym a few nights a week, usually pretty late. I get myself to go because I time it for when television shows I normally watch are airing, and I just watch them at the TVs at the gym! Beats sitting my my couch, especially since my boyfriend comes with me.

    Though, I'm not the best about eating healthy. I've been really working on reducing my snacking for years, and picking healthier snacks. I go for granola, yogurt, cold fruit (I found out that I'll actually eat the stuff if it's straight out of the fridge), and my boyfriend and I are both working on portioning.

    I'll be honest, I've actually contemplated getting a treadmill or something with a laptop tray and exercising at home while I'm online.

    Being more honest, though, my healthy habits have gone into the shitter this semester. I plan to get back on track over winter break.
    Regardless, your aware of your habits when its about your health, and thats really good. Also, as a college student myself sometimes school work can cause poor food/activity choices and its completely understandable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevyne-Shandris View Post

    Good sleep is a cure to many health problems to begin with (and those with health conditions, more so).
    Absolutely. You can't build muscle...lose weight...remove stress without a good night's sleep. You just can't

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    I'm kinda lazy in general. Not WoW's fault, mostly my own lack of motivation and a busy schedule.

    I do Filipino martial arts a few hours a week (part of it formal training, part of it just me practicing at home), and I go to the fitness centre at my apartment complex a few times a week for 30 minutes. And I try to walk as much as I can. I like walking. On top of regular walks and walking places, I try to do little stuff like using the restroom a couple flights above the one in my office, or circling the building on the way to mailbox, parking super far away on purpose, shit like that.
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    I bike to/from work. It's 1-hour round trip so not much, but that way I can continue every day and it all adds up.

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    I work with a job that has me out doors and walking all day. I'm a petroleum geologist and I work at various oil drills. The main field I work in has drills as far as 2 miles apart and are no roads between the 2.

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    I don't stand in fires and use health potions when necessary.

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    I get lots of walking done during the day thanks to my horrible campus parking. Other than that hit the gym for around an hour a few days a week.

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    Just play less and exercise more, if your spending excessive amounts of time behind a screen your just going to get bigger and bigger, some people call wow a hobby its no longer a hobby when you gain 100+ pounds.
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    i could recommend a strenuous job maybe something physical payed to get fit = ultracombo (unless your rich in which case disregard all i have said sorry i cannot help )
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    I only eat food that is chalk full of preservatives.
    I got the idea when I found a old Mcdonalds cheeseburger tucked in the back seat of my car that failed to show any signs of rot/ old age but instead had developed a certain elasticity, so I figure within the next 10 years I should be a real life stretch Armstrong.

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    Hello wanna add my 5 cents in.

    Im going to start from the beginning. When i was teenager i was obsessed with video games and sat days at my computer (i still play lot of games). One night i felt like shit after finishing my CS match and i was out of breath when i went to fridge (i was overweight). I wanted to get bit better shape and my army service was coming up so i knew i needed to step up my shape/stamina/condition. I started running abit and walking (in the beginning i cound't even run 5 minutes and in the end i ended up runnin 1h 30min). Anyways i was ok shape when i got to the army 172cm height and weight around 65-70 kg's. In army my lower back disc popped out cause too much sitting infront of my computer and it was most painful 6 months i ever had in my life, seriosly i coudn't even put my socks on that painfull my lowerback was. I gained around 20 kilos while having my backpains cause i coudn't move and i was depressed just ate lots of shit because i coudn't do anything else. Time after i got out of army i decided that i never ever wanted to be weak again. Then i started gym / running / swimming. Now im 70kgs and i never been on the this ripped. So this is what i have done, 4 times gym per week and 1-2 times running and have proper diet. And when you start you really need to cut your calories. And i did that by calculating EVERY calory that i ate for 4 months and i managed to drop 20kg (around 44 lbs). Diet is very very very important if you are trying to stay in shape, lose weight or build muscle. In the beginning when you start you actually notice big strength gains and that got me hooked up and ofc striving for better body. Now i have been doing gym around 5 years and im really happy with my health and the way my body looks. When it's progress time i have 1-2 week off from gym.

    And i raid on the highest level of WoW! Hope my story helped you somewhat. It's all about motivation and what you strive for. (watch Zyzz on youtube, he'll give you motivation if thats what you need! GL)

    Here is just some random video of me doing handstand pushups on my stream!
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    I dont do shit really haha. I maybe weekly bother with some sort of exercise for little time, and maybe 5-10 minutes at home randomly I do abit of exercise.

    Cant say its good for my health nope. I basicly live off what exercise I get done inn the everyday, biking from A to B and walking. Then again, being one of thoes people who cant gain weight, even trough I need it, maybe makes me abit careless about it to. Thats wrong trough...dosen't matter if you're skinny as shit, still unhealthy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skrump View Post
    I only eat food that is chalk full of preservatives.
    I got the idea when I found a old Mcdonalds cheeseburger tucked in the back seat of my car that failed to show any signs of rot/ old age but instead had developed a certain elasticity, so I figure within the next 10 years I should be a real life stretch Armstrong.

    I work.

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    I go to the gym only every once in a while, but I am a big fan of badminton and a lot if people at work also plays, so once or twice a week with them, 1-2 hours each time, and funnily enough sometimes I am more tired and sweaty after a session badminton than a session of gym XD

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    Go to the gym every workday, doing something else each day of the week. Big gym so they have a lot of equipment, ton of aerobics classes, all that yoga stuff, massive pool with sauna area <3

    Plus I cook healthy food, home cooked meals every day! ^^

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    I'm not a health nut be any means but I take my dogs for a one hour walk daily and I have a home gym that I use nearly daily. But my diet is terrible and my other activities would not be considered healthy by any means.
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    I too have the same problem. Having gone from 10st to 15st (140 to 210 pounds) over the past few years. I felt I had no time to stay trim as I got up, went to work (wherein I sit at a computer all day), go home and then as soon as I get home, eat and then raid all night until I need to go to sleep. As my work is miles from my house walking was not an option and the roads there are too dangerous to cycle on as the cars go around 60-70mph. What I do now is cut the rubbish out of my diet massively and at the end of the 60-70mph zone I get off the bus and then walk the 2 miles from there to work, at a quick pace. Although the exercise is quite light, compared with that of the gym combined with a good diet my health has started to improve

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    I work in retail so for 20-35 hours a week I'm walking constantly, if I could just cut my soda drinking back I'd be in better shape, but it's too delicious.

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    Drink a bunch of coke and eat alot of candy

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