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  • Garrosh

    9 4.48%
  • Thrall

    37 18.41%
  • Vol'jin

    72 35.82%
  • Saurfang

    29 14.43%
  • General Nazgrim

    11 5.47%
  • Sylvanas

    11 5.47%
  • Lor'themar

    15 7.46%
  • Other!

    17 8.46%
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    [Lore] Next Warchief.

    Hello there.

    I saw that many Horde peace hippies demand Vol'jin as the new warchief. Maybe im wrong but please tell me what did Vol'jin do for Horde?
    Hellscream did tons more for the Horde but that may be just my opinion.
    Anyway if Hellscream is to go, i for would prefer General Nazgrim or Saurfang or Thrall (though he is missing) as next warchief. Atleast they are field men.

    Even Sylvanas helped Horde more than Vol'jin.
    Guys dont misunderstand me, i like Vol'jin but im being as objective as i can here. If Vol'jin would go mano a mano with Lich King (army wise ofc) he would have a plus, or if he would personally come on the field on some battle.

    Also if dudes dont like what Hellscream is doing why not taunt him? Like Cairne had the guts (a honorable tauren). Wheres Saurfang to taunt him for the warchief title? Or Thrall the almighty shaman? If hes doing bad for the Horde why dont they taunt him?
    For example i dont like Trassk opinions, i taunt him on pvp field or on pve, but he has nothing, in a duel i dont think he would get me to 90% while i kill him 2 times.
    Leting Alliance intervene to bring down orgrimmar to me means Saurfang, Vol'jin or others who disagree with Garrosh helps alliance. And i see them as traitors.

    But anyway guys shoot your opinions. Who should be the next warchief? And why doesnt "Heroes" challenge Garrosh?
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    We challenge him at the end of MoP

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaronvonKleff View Post
    We challenge him at the end of MoP
    Yeah all of Horde, and Alliance.

    I mean why not go mano a mano with him, rather than helping Alliance destroy our city? Is Saurfang gutless or other "hero"?
    For the TRUE Horde, the ONLY Horde.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keksplace View Post
    Yeah all of Horde, and Alliance.

    I mean why not go mano a mano with him, rather than helping Alliance destroy our city? Is Saurfang gutless or other "hero"?
    Read tides of war and you will understand why.
    ANY opposition to thrall is being UNMADE before it even gets a chance to spring up.

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    Maybe I'm the only one, but I don't foresee a single almighty Warchief for the Horde after Garrosh. Even the Alliance only united under Varian's banner as their High King because of the war. With the line of events coming up as MoP goes on, I would rather bet on a council than a single leader.

    A situation where both factions go back to a more "equal" standing between races with a council of leaders wouldn't be bad, granted I think we'll see more Thrall-like figures when new threats come, but only as long as those threats hold. Just as Thrall against Deathwing and Fordring against the Lich King. As for who that next figure might be, Wrathion looks like a good candidate right now.
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    Rexxar, man. Kickass, of orcish descent, is officially Horde-affiliated but probably not to Garrosh-level mindf***ery... perfect candidate.

    Also, it's easy to throw around words like "traitor". Citizens and other subordinates should never be loyal to a person because a person can become corrupt or just plain evil, like Garrosh. You should be loyal to the system, to the idea behind your organisation. When Garrosh himself betrays what the new Horde is and goes full WC2-Horde without demonic corruption, he's the one who betrayed the ideas Horde stands for. He's the traitor and people putting him down are only helping the Horde. If Alliance wants to help this true Horde, why not welcome their help? Horde should never be about "destroying Alliance" - it should always be about finding their own place in the alien and hostile world, but not by killing the pre-existing inhabitants.
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    Wasn't it already stated that Thrall wouldn't come back as Warchief?

    Wrathion is a too much of a Neutral person and is focusing on the future. Yes he would be a great leader, but more the kind of leader that is ruling the entire world (in a 'good' way).

    My vote is on Lor'themar. His 'underlings'/friends already said he would be a excellent king. It is unexpected and i am pretty sure he would be a excellent leader for all Horde races.
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    Garrosh needs to go. He is the reason I'm hating the Horde, and anyone, and any Orc that followes him. He is a disgrace to the Warsong clan.

    Saurfang I would love to see be brought back into the game lore, but I believe he is "too old" to be a Warchief by this time.

    Thrall, I believe wont go back to being a Warchief, but may re-hand the reigns to someone else.

    Baine, to young and inexperienced I believe.

    Sylvannas, I love her, I really do, but I think she's getting a little... "twisted".

    Lor'themar, not a chance. Especially with Sylvannas around still.

    Nazgrim, I swear to god, if he becomes Warchief, I may just boycott Warcraft.

    Vol'Jin. I would personally love see become Warchief. He knows how Thrall ran the Horde, he knows Thrall very well, and honors him in every way. Logically, he would be the ideal choice. That is also why, he is the worst choice, especially since King Wrynn returned.

    Rexxar, would be a interesting choice in my book, but he would be the more silent, strategic, calm Warchief that most people, especially with Garrosh just in control, would really not like.

    Goblin Warchief, Hell no. Never. Not a chance.

    Horde-Pandaren Warchief wont work. Not their style. Far to unorganized.

    Wrathion, could get VERY interesting as well. But, that won't happen.

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    Currently we have two major characters, who have been build up so much so that they could replace Garrosh later on. Vol'jin as it seems is set up to organize the rebells, because he can move freely, since Garrosh believes him dead.

    The second is Baine who has been build up mostly in novels, but is quite likely to strike Garrosh down the moment his people are out of harms way.
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    As long as it's not Vol'jin, I really don't care. If it's him, I'll probably faction change to Alliance. For most of the other characters on that list, I'd be more or less indifferent to, meaning I wouldn't be upset or happy about it. The only people I'd be happy to see as Warchief would be Garrosh, Thrall or Saurfang. Sylvanas is my favorite of them all but she isn't really fit for leading other races, besides maybe the Blood Elves since she used to be one. The Warchief should be an Orc, though.

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    What about Sunwalker Dezco? Little early yet, but so far, he has been done very well as far as a character goes, and is apart of several pieces of lore in Pandaria.

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    I mean Warchief is more of a figurehead position. Normally the leader of the Orcs is considered the Warchief. The only non-Orc that really has a large political imput right now is Vol'jin. Sylvanas is flaky. Lor'Themar (as with Sylvanas) isn't that close to the Horde. Baine is new to the scene.

    However, if you consider new Orc leaders there is a nice list of whom to expect to pick up the position: Varok Saurfang, Nazgrim, Eitrigg, and of course Thrall. Anyone of these four would make excellent leaders. Saurfang and Eitrigg are veterans and pacifists from wars past, Nazgrim is a loyal Orc and do what is best for his people, and Thrall would put the Horde back together like he has done before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkuri View Post
    What about Sunwalker Dezco? Little early yet, but so far, he has been done very well as far as a character goes, and is apart of several pieces of lore in Pandaria.
    He has far too little lore backing him, he is just your average righteous paladin guy, he can't compare to characters like Baine or Vol'jin, who have more or less an entire book developing them.
    He who sees his own doom can better avoid its path. He who sees the doom of others can deliver it.

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    I generally support Vol'jin. He's not an Orc, so his leadership would very visibly show how the Horde has changed post-Garrosh, but as a Darkspear Troll would keep the overall theme of the Horde more-or-less intact.

    My issue with Saurfang is that he's been absent from the story for too long at this point. The next Warchief should be someone who has been involved with the rebellion in one form or another from day 1, it would be much too jarring for Saurfang, or anyone else, to swoop in at the 11th hour and take all the credit. So while I hope he does show up at some point, it should be a simple matter of him bringing in the Northrend Horde onto the side of the rebellion.
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    My gut and heart say Thrall .
    But my brain says no .

    I really don't know who's going to be Warchief and/or leader of the Orcs and I don't feel we've been given enough information to go head over heels saying it will be one person or another.
    People also seem to overlook who will lead the Orcs.

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    Thrall is coming back

    Blizz let that cat out of the bag months ago even though they have tried to cover that mistake up with pathetic backtracking

    Let me tell you how this shit will go down

    1. Aggra gets killed
    2. Thrall gets pissed
    3. Thrall helps take back org with the help of 'Heroes'
    4. Thrall takes back his mantle of warchief
    5. Demons invade
    6. yada yada ya

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    The thing is, you say what has Vol'jin done for anyone..

    I don't think it's what he's DONE that's going to put him on the throne, I think it's what he's GOING to do.

    I do believe Thrall will be back and he will rule the orcs, but I don't think he'll be in charge of the Horde as a whole.

    If you do 'Dagger in the Dark' Vol'jin has gone into semi hiding, in order to set up for taking out Garrosh, I still believe in the token 'NPC helps you finish off the boss' that happens EVERY expac, at 0/1/5/10/15/pony% Garrosh will enrage or whatever and oneshot the raid, then Vol'jin will sneak up and roflbackstab him, finishing him off and taking on the roll of Warchief.
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    Does us voting change the outcome or somethin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimiko93 View Post
    Read tides of war and you will understand why.
    ANY opposition to thrall is being UNMADE before it even gets a chance to spring up.
    used some wrong words there?
    We have faced trials and danger, threats to our world and our way of life. And yet, we persevere. We are the Horde. We will not let anything break our spirits!"

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    Thrall is the saviour of the world. If they want to redeem the orcs (and let's face it, a lot of them could use a little redeeming), bringing Thrall back is the way to go. I think he'll be essential to the post-Garrosh Horde, Warchief or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keksplace View Post
    Hello there.

    I saw that many Horde peace hippies demand Vol'jin as the new warchief. Maybe im wrong but please tell me what did Vol'jin do for Horde?
    I could respond to this now...... Orc Fan boy are we?

    Your posting makes very little sense btw. You are asking questions about why things aren't done, that can't be done.
    Can WE challenge Garrosh? No we cannot.. Or if we players could have it our way, Garrosh would lay dead on the ground already.

    No what really did he do, in your opinion, eh?

    Northrend.. What did he do there? Causing chaos, where ever he got involved without ever leaving the Borean Tundra.
    Saurfang constantly on the move cleaning up the mess, and repairing the damage.
    If I remember... I haven't seen Garrosh inside ICC.. Varian was there btw. Saurfang was there. The Argent Crusade was there. The Death Knights were there... Where was Garrosh? Oh that's right.. He was in Icecrown, at the Tournament Ground, for an offical tournament invitation, on neutral grounds, and a diplomatic event. He's been there.... But just to fuck things up so bad, that he was close to have his head chopped off right there and then, hadn't it been for Thrall putting him back in his place.

    Then, we seen him again... During Cata..
    What heroic achievements.. Obliterating Ashenvale, conquering Azshara... How awesome is that... Epic... While others fighting with all they got against Deathwings cohorts, he sneaks into the backdoor and takes their lands.
    And what's he doing? The Horde, which struggles for decades on resources, and it's population starving, building up a monstrous fortress, called Orgrimmar.
    I'm sure the resources would be more useful if used otherwise.
    Orgrimmar, he changed it... Every faction, every member of the Horde alliance gets kicked out of it. Not entirely, but pushed into side canyons.
    The Goblins are given some slums.... How generous.
    But we got Garrosh, our fearless leader.. He will lead us on... To the Twilight Highlands. YAY.... OOOOPS... He just lost the entire air fleet.
    The other leaders grow nervous. They cannot justify all that stuff with their own people.
    No big problem... Thrall ain't looking. He's distracted...
    Cairne... Let's just kill his ass..... It wasn't Garrosh's fault. So we're told. Cairne wanted the duel to the death.
    Garrosh didn't know that his weapon was poisoned.....
    Did he really not know it?
    Maybe he did. Someone who has no scruple to assassinate another faction leader, sure can be put under suspect in retrospect too.

    There's only one answer...... Garrosh disgraced the Horde. He's to face the consequences.
    The horde is a construct of different factions, and not just the Orcs. The leader of the Horde has to rule in every factions interest, not just that of the Orcs, even less that of it's own personal agenda.

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