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    I believe this was terrible for my health but I used to be an all or nothing person. There was a period of 2-3 months where I played WoW non stop 10hrs a day, raid like a boss, eat what I want, whatever. Then I'll feel like shit because I put on 20lbs and have no friends. Then for 2-3 months I go out and hit the gym and lose the weight, feel great and smooth sailing. For whatever reason I'll go ahead and click that mmo-champ bookmark on my browser and boom I'm a hermit again hardcore wow 2-3months. lol

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    You get a lot of fat people who don’t see themselves as overweight.

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    I actually reward myself by playing. Did I go to the gym and bust my ass...Hell Yea I I will play for a few hours. Dont eat while you play and if you do make it a small snack something healthier or even a protein shake. Get plenty of rest and as the Pandaren say "Slow down" No reason to get everything done all at once. Take it in moderation and go for a walk or even some pushups/sit ups while you wait for ques.

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    Im playing a healer is that not enough ?

    Actually im kinda unhealthy but after work i just dont have the energy to go workout i just wanne sit behind me PC playing with friends :/

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    For me I try to eat well and get enough sleep and I do Kuk Sool Won martial arts classes at least twice to three times a week. Grading towards my red belt soon.

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    Keeping a good time plan for when you play games and when you work out/exercise is a great way to lose weight/have good health. A lot of the reason why peoples' health detor... deh... get screwed up is because they can't manage their time. They get lost into the game, and thus they either eat too little and become malnourished, or they eat too much to keep them going and because of little movement, they just take too much in and don't work enough out of their body.

    Manage your time. Set up a plan. It's a good way.

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    I take wow as a game.. I play when I have nothing else to do. In this way wow doesn't come in the way of anything else.

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    I don't sit at my PC eating processed shit. Radical idea, no?

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    Not eat so many f*cking calories, and I get off my fatass for about 8 hours a day. That, and a little weight lifting.

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    Honestly I just make sure I put real life first, my wow time is pretty limited now, a couple of afternoons a week type deal. My job, walking rather than driving/busing wherever possible, a couple of trips to the gym a week, just normal casual sports with friends/soccer in season, and eating relatively well adds up to me not having huge issues. I'm not the fittest person out there, I'm often pretty fatigued still, but I'm in ok shape and happy enough with where I'm at.

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    If your first concern is losing weight, a correct diet is reeeally important, even more than physical activity.

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    Well for me I'm in the military so they make sure I stay fit but I have heard others ideas from previous threads.

    1. Every hour do situps, pushups, jumping jacks basically anything to start your body doing some work
    2. Stop with sugar drinks that are "convenient"
    3. Eat an apple when you need energy. Wakes you up more then coffee
    4. In between dungeons or battle grounds do a physical activity.

    Me personally when I was reading a men's health magazine I saw an article that said soft serve ice cream in a small amount after a workout was a good thing then stated some reasons. So when I wanted a McDonald's ice cream I would head to the gym for an hour then give myself an award.
    ...Made it through 9 years of wow...

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    I play Badminton on Sundays.
    Tuesdays i practice Iaido (japanese martial arts using a katana, and no, its not kendo).
    Fridays, workout.

    And obviously eating healthily. Some less healthy meals now and then, because you cant just remove that random craving for pizza/hamburger that sometimes appears. A lot of the time i crave a good sallad though. The local foodstore has a section where you can pick what you want in it yourself, so it brings a lot of healthy happiness~~

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    I'm really bad at motivating myself to just go and exercise, I always need a reason, so I got myself two - my dogs. Going out because I need exercise? meh. Going out because dogs need exercise? Already on it. I take care my dogs get at least an hour of walking and running every day plus other activities like training and playing inside. Gets me off my ass for a while. I also don't snack at the computer (tea, fruit, veggies and berries allowed) and mostly cook my own meals.

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