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    [Arcane] Haste arcane stat weights

    As title states, I want to know the stat weights for haste arcane.

    AskMrRobot puts stat values on mastery arcane by default, which is for me:

    M: 2.49
    H: 2.20
    C: 1.67

    Since I've been avoiding mastery like plague playing fire and all, but due to rng nature of drops sitll have alot of haste (on my current gear i have haste on 9, crit on 6, and mastery on 5 items), and with seeming viability (or even superiority?) of full haste build for arcane I'd like to try it out, and want to know the optimal stat weights to reforge by (been playing arround with H: 2.40, M: 2,30, C: 1.65, but would like to have it more exact).

    Also, as I posted in another thread, but got lost/ignored in the midst of all the flaming and arguing that was happening in it, I would like to know when playing haste build arcane with RoP do I still use Mage armor or is the Frost armor default choice (which would be logical if we allready favor haste).

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    Just swap the values you already have for haste and mastery and that's as approximate as you really need to get. It's just going to change your gemming and reforges to suit haste instead.

    I go frost armor as haste arcane. I tried mage but it didn't really feel as good, and the numbers looked a tad lower.

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