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    Dark Summoner as a melee

    Ok first i want to add this screen shot:

    As a rogue im finding it hard as hell to kill before enrage along with the speed the ghosts are spawning and the damage he s doing the beem of light is too narrow and the hit box of the ghosts is huge when you get to the last 30% you are swamped and unable to hit the boss.

    Any melee done this? That are not in heroic ilvl gear?

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    Edit: Who cares what an OP shaman did, use that guy VVVV
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    what if SEARING WOLVES? The possibilities?!!?

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    Done with 484 itemlvl
    combat spec,
    Glyphs: Deadly momentum glyph (very important), Recuperate glyph,
    Talents: preparation, combat readyness, shuriken toss
    when the boss appears, shuriken toss until 5 combo points and use recuperate, the first ghoul will appear, shuriken toss and slice and dice and kill it.
    Then, KS in boss.
    Focus the next ghoul with agi potion, Adrenaline Rush, Shadow BLades, and blade flurry, kill it with the boss near. Use Combat readyness, and cloack of shadows if the boss casts the shadowbolt.
    when combat readyness goes off, pop evasion and preparation. Cloack again for the shadow bolt, and when evasion goes off, use it again.
    You have to focus all the ghouls, and kill the boss with blade flurry, and pop cds, when there's no ghosts. The most important is focus adds, with the boss near

    Good luck!

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    I did it really easy on the first pull, just focus the ghosts as soon as they spawn and the boss is really simple.

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    Well if you did miss it they nerfed him recently just an fyi

    Dark Summoner's health has been reduced by 10%, and his damage reduced by 35%.

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    I finally did it. I kept focusing boss too much and not the adds. Ainurr's strategy makes it pretty easy. Ty Ainurr btw

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    When I try to do what Ainurr suggested, I get shadowbolted to death since I am focusing on the Ghosts instead of the boss. Very difficult fight. Also doesn't help that I main Assassination and therefore have good Normal version daggers, but only LFR Gara'Kal fists. I don't think I have enough DPS to cleave the boss down, even with an ilvl of 487 (due to my weapons.)

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