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    [TV/Movies] Things that you are tired of seeing in TV and Movies?

    So what are some things that you are just sick and tired of seeing in TV and Movies over and over again? What are things that completely ruin the show for you and make you want to scream when they pull something that has been done over and over again?

    Some things that annoys the shit out of me these days in movies and television is when they pull the good old making a character seem alive but in the end are actually dead or some sort of spirit/ghost. Then there is the whole thing where they portray a character to be a good guy but in the end they are evil. And let's not forget those ambiguous endings! Sure some of them make sense and make a great ending but usually they are just a big cop out that make me feel cheated! And of course.... You guessed it!!! All of those stupid singing/talent/reality shows!!!

    If you are going to talk about certain movies/tv shows please use spoiler tags so that you don't ruin things for other people!!!
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    Pretty much everything on TV these days. I'd trash it all and start over.
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    Stop killing the black guy in horror movies!
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    Reality shows especially those that are scripted, talent shows of any kind, people who prefer to scream, people who talk to the dead.

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    billionaire vigiantes... Batman was fantastic, Ironman wonderful.... do we really need to see another version of it after years of either of the first two?

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    I hate when they have some character that seems to always be sad or crying and doesn't try to hide it, pulls the woe as me card even when others when through the same things or similar.

    For example, Andrea from The Walking Dead....the whole first season she seems to always be sulking and crap even though everyone else is going through the same thing or did. They put so much focus on her it drives me nuts when i watch it lol

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    The it always seem to go to hell and then it ends well.. For example (In Dodgeball it looks like they will fail but in the end they win) Hate hate hate that crap.

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    For TV I am so sick of seeing stupid reality shows like the Kardashians, Jersey Shore (thank god it ended), and Housewives of New York or whatever (there's like 3 of them for different places i think) and MTV. Movies I don't have much but I'm starting to get sick of seeing reboots and remakes of older movies. For example they want to remake The Mummy...really is remaking that awesome movie necessary!?! Make something new and original for once.

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    They canceled the only TV shows I ever watched: The Shield and 24. Now its either ESPN or National Geographic as pretty much everything else on every single channel is lame ass retarded reality shows. No one cares what you do 24/7 in your worthless spoiled life. You arent even a real celebrity Pauly D get a job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdozia View Post
    The it always seem to go to hell and then it ends well.. For example (In Dodgeball it looks like they will fail but in the end they win) Hate hate hate that crap.
    And like every relationship featured in a movie, they go through the crisis, appear to break up, but they always get together in the end

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    Idiotic reality tv shows and stupid ass love interests that have no place being there.

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    The cancellation of shows for the sake of short-term ratings.

    Taste is subjective, but there can't seriously be moderately intelligent people who feel shows like Cops and Cheaters rightfully replaced young (if a bit underdeveloped) shows such as Caprica or Stargate: Universe. Perhaps this is just me grumbling, but it seems a lot of shows aren't really given the chance to "grow" before they're given the axe. I don't watch a lot of television though, so I'm probably missing quite a bit.

    As far as movies go, I'd like to see more emotionally powerful films that don't need elements practically out of fantasy to spur events. More films like After The Wedding in theaters.

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    Can we have more movies where the bad guys win please? Like Harry Potter's head on a stick with Voldemort laughing or Alucard showing up and slaughtering Edward and his lame fake vampire familiy? Also dont give us movies where we already know how its going to end. Lincoln and Titanic Im looking at you. Granted Titanic was great but whats the point of a movie if you know how it ends when you sit down. I dont really care about movies made from books because I usually dont read them so I dont know how they actually end until I see the movies.
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    when they focus on a relationship between the two characters, even when its not relevant to the story
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    I hate reality shows, especially those that aren't reality.
    I also hate the over use of laugh tracks.

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    havnt watched tv for over 3 years now exept news every now and then, movies...idk, same cliche stories?

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    reality tv shows

    lack of americans being able to let the good guys lose or for series to get "the bad ending" sure it happens in other places too but ive noticed 99% of the time the good guys win in american tv wheras british tv and japanese tv are alot more likely to have the bad guy actually win or if the good guy does win have it end up bad anyways (example something like the fades a good show that got cancelled). also not exactly the same problem but lack of antiheroes

    also more doctor who spin offs I NEEDS MOAR @[email protected]
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    I hate that our (in America, dunno if the rest of the world is as bad) modern day entertainment industry is based on conflict. Look at the most watched shows, especially among teenagers. They're all comprised of arguably the dumbest, most boring people you could ever find. Why do these shows succeed?

    Conflict. The teen mother fighting with her fucking useless baby daddy to pay child support or take the kid for a day. The inept siblings bitching over who gets to talk to the tabloids or paparazzi. Rednecks peddling their shit at a pawn shop and appearing absolutely flabbergasted when they realize their trinket isn't worth $100. And my new favorite, the Amish children at war with their parents over weekend hangovers.

    Frankly, it sickens me. Which is why I've stopped watching television all together.

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    Romance, every movie has it, keep it the fuck out of my entertainment!

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    I hate reality TV. Was visiting my brother the other day and the TV was on with some show "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" and it just seemed like the most fake crap load of bollox i've ever seen, followed by a bunch of numbers asking you to phone in and vote. I remember this sort of thing many years ago in a program called "Survivor", I can't believe they are still milking it.

    Other than that I can't really say because I dont watch TV much. I could list everything that I watch right here. Formula 1, Top Gear, South Park. all of those are seasonal based stuff so like I said I don't really watch much Tv. I like Japanese Anime though, which seems to be the saviour of video entertainment for me, it's a complete breath of fresh air compared to western TV.

    As for movies, I like american movies but sometimes I get annoyed at the stereotypically american movie where in I already know what is going to happen because it has been done so many times (and the majority of them are like this), for that reason it's sometimes better watch a movie that isn't made by an american studio/director, wish I could explain what I mean better.
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