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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkenaw View Post
    Blood Elves will join the Alliance when Garrosh and Varian start dating.
    I couldn't have said it better myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninotchka View Post
    Dark Iron dwarves join the Horde.
    that would be freaking awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by gcmandrake View Post
    I thought Gilneas's invasion by the Forsaken was the reason the Worgen joined the alliance in the first place? I'm not sure I can see that happening. But a third faction wouldn't have to have contiguous territory. Why not go full-bore and have massive faction splits due to Garrosh going nuts, and Jaina seeking revenge for Theramore?

    The Horde


    North Eastern Kingdoms

    Blood Elves
    Forest Trolls

    The Alliance

    High Elves

    Natures Light

    Night Elves

    All Faction


    Or something equally nuts. Anything that makes life interesting again.
    Fixed that to a more logical possibility. (Names are silly but the ones you had were...-_-)
    OT:No BEs just dont like Garrosh, they would never rejoin the Alliance. High Elves wouldnt allow it.
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    The blood elves are not leaving the horde, its just a story hook and it does not actually come to fruition. Its a negotiation that fails because of Jaina.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capitano666 View Post
    Agree, high elves make a lot more sense for alliance as they are in already.
    other than the fact there are more gnomes than high elves =P
    Quote Originally Posted by Zombiebob
    I'm still waiting on someone to tell me where all these people that suddenly care about Warrior balance were during Cataclysm when they were blow up dolls with plate armor on.
    Quote Originally Posted by cutterx2202 View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by orangelemonrain View Post
    I really really doubt this would be the case, if anything the Blood Elves will be the driving force for letting the Alliance into Orgrimmar to defeat Garrosh.
    Actually the trolls will gladly let the alliance into Orgrimmar after the whole Knife in the Dark scenario.
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    Keep your damn elves, there's enough of the bloody things as it is, don't want them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chonar View Post
    It's unfortunate that our sense of story immersion is held in check by the boundaries of what we know, instead of the mysteries of what we don't.
    It has to when somebody makes such redicolus speculation on forums, about as redicolus at Theremor no longer existing in game, or Dalaran no longer accesible to Horde.
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    Ogres or Mok'nathal

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    Quote Originally Posted by punksandskins View Post
    Fixed that to a more logical possibility. (Names are silly but the ones you had were...-_-)
    OT:No BEs just dont like Garrosh, they would never rejoin the Alliance. High Elves wouldnt allow it.
    Not to mention that the Worgen would never join the Forsaken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capitano666 View Post
    If the blood elves were to leave the horde I wonder what would the forsaken do, I believe they are more likely to move with the elves than to stay with the orcs
    No way, the forsaken is in the horde purely out of convenience, if they left they would be a potential enemy of the horde and basically be doomed.

    Also on topic the Blood Elves are not leaving the horde, the only reason this might even remotely seem like a thing is because of what Garrosh is up to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ceazyface View Post
    I'm not arguing that Horde should get a new race, I'm saying that IF Blood Elves were made a neutral race and Blizzard decided to give the Horde a new race, the Alliance wouldn't need or get a new one.

    Personally, I don't think Blizzard is going to make any of the existing races become neutral (especially not two of them), and to be honest I'd be surprised if they released another neutral race anytime soon.

    Why would Horde need to get anything. As so many Horde are fond of pointing out this is war and war is not fair so why should everything be equal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syroa View Post
    Ever since I heard of the pandas being a neutral race choice I have been hoping for Blood Elves to have the option to choose their faction as well. With the state the horde is in, it doesn't seem unlikely lore wise.

    As for a new race to balance things out I'd doubt it. If anything one of the alliance races could chose their faction as well but this is harder to justify in lore. Clearly Humans and Night elfs could never have such a choice based on all the past and current aggression. The only race I could possibly see going neutral is the Gnomes (perhaps for a scientific pursuit?) Again though, seems unlikely
    Honestly, the case can be made for all races being neutral and picking their faction at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arteous View Post
    well i could sort of see worgen being made neutral and available to horde also ala pandaren. greymane could get pissed at varian not helping them sooner.
    That makes no sense what so ever since they were the ones that "left" and decided they wouldn't want to be associated with the alliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maklor View Post
    No way, the forsaken is in the horde purely out of convenience, if they left they would be a potential enemy of the horde and basically be doomed.
    Would they? The new plague seems to be pretty effective and they are able to raise dead to their ranks now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lycoris View Post
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    Nagas or leper gnomes haha!

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    Honestly, I think the OP has something there with this line of thought, only I think he missed what might actually happen.

    The Alliance has several races which could have mixed allegiance.

    Night Elves who are very close to Tauren could become a neutral race if the orcs lose power, and apologize for the deforestation.
    Wargen have long done what they want, they could choose to go either way.

    This would mean that Goblins could also go Neutral, in a bizarre twist of fate I think the possibilities of several neutral races could bring a new dynamic to the game.

    Of course the core Alliance and Core horde races would be clear.

    Alliance Core:
    Humans - kingdom of Stormwind
    Dwarves - Ironfordge & Wildhammer
    Gnomes -all

    Horde Core:
    Trolls - Dark Spear Tribe
    Tauren - Bloodhoof tribe & Grimtotem tribe.
    Orcs - All

    Possible Future Neutral races:
    High Elves/Blood Elves - Long tradition of being in the Alliance, half of the High Elves in the world actually still give allegiance to the Alliance.
    Night Elves - Long tradition of being one with Nature, they really have nothing in common with the Alliance.
    Goblins - Usually don't give allegiance to anything but profits.
    Forsaken - Have no actual allegiance to anyone and only signed up with the horde for protection. Many undead would join the alliance again if they felt the Humans of Stormwind would respect Lordaeron in undeath.
    Worgen (aka Humans of Gilneas) - They have given Loyalty to only one race in the Alliance, the Night Elves. Also traditionally Gilneas has done what it felt was best for itself. They only hate the Forsaken and if Blood Elves make peace and go neutral, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner may also make peace because in her cold dead heart she is still a High Elf, and her living Sister is married to Rhonin The most powerful human mage in the world, and someone who has tried very hard to make peace between the Allience and Horde.

    These races could all go Neutral, but it would happen in the last expansion and would be used to show that the Alliance and Horde have finally made peace, but small factions on both sides still battle it out Excuse for PVP.

    Since there is no way to guess what the Devs are doing this is all Speculation, honestly I think they are done doing anything with races and they have only one class left to add. Demon Hunter, Melee Mail uses Intelligence or Agility depending on spec, one spec will be a tank spec. They will start in the Dark Temple and Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage will resurrect his brother and cleanse him of the demonic taint. Making Illidan Stormrage the leader of the Demon Hunter Neutral Faction. Demon Hunters will be the last Hero Class, only after they are done with the Start area around the Black Temple they will not be level 70, granted they may have planned to but I think they will send them out as a normal level something equivalent to what pandas get in the 12-15 level range.

    p.s. It has been shown in lore if you have demonic taint you can only die permanently after you have been cleansed of fel energy.
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    None of the Alliance races would work, and the only ones I'd want (night elves/draenei... perhaps worgen) have the strongest reasons of all not to join the Horde. The big theme of the Alliance narrative right now is that they're uniting together against the fracturing Horde.

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    Personally, I wouldn't care if neutral Sin'dorei simply were left to have one race more chooseable by Alliance -- and I main on Horde side, I just don't really care. But there really isn't an Alliance race in current lore that could be made Horde friendly.

    Implementation is also the key -- say the Thalassian elves can choose. If (as I would prefer) it means a redesign of Eversong/Ghostlands that supports the specific Sin'dorei choosing Horde or Alliance, that would be a tough thing to do in a parallel fashion for an existing Alliance race without a hard retcon of one of their starting experiences. Worgen, for example, there's no rational reason a Gilnean going through that first zone would be on the fence about the Horde or Alliance. Same goes for any current Alliance race.

    If, however, in this neutral Thalassian model, what you actually have are two totally different, faction specific starting experiences (i.e. they add a nominal "high elf" starting area), you could probably get away with something like that for a race that can also play Horde. I think Defias humans would be plausible, or one of the Pirate/bandit grops. Another possibility would be Northrend Worgen (adopt the Horde questing angle that has Gorgonna freeing and then the player aiding some of those people in Grizzly Hills). You could get a unique starting experience out of those that plot-justified them being playable Horde versions.

    The third option is, a new race made available to the Horde. And, yeah, scaled down Ogres or Mok'nathal would make the most sense, but both would require a new model (Ogre for size, Mok'nathal for uniqueness from Orc model). Any of the other big demand ones like Ethereal (they find the Goblin mindset appealing?) in advance of BL expansion would probably lead to too much anger.

    I think if they went "playable high elf" (not my first choice) they could give them a starting experience in a phased version of Quel'danas, similar to the reconstruction phased version in the Quel'delar chain. But I would much prefer them all be Sin'dorei, reunited, and able to choose faction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amonra View Post
    In the events of the Domination offensive storyline, Lor'themar Theron tells the player that he was considering old alliances, and Varian tells Jaina after the Purge of Dalaran that he was in talks with the blood elves to join the alliance. It is likely that after the events transpired, the conversations have stopped altogether, but maybe it has been merely a setback.

    So, If Lor'themar goes through with his plans, it's assumable that not all blood elves would follow with his politics, so there would be a schism within the race. For gameplay purposes, this could mean that the blood elves become a neutral race, such as the pandaren. This would leave the horde with one less unique race, unbalances.

    So, in this scenario, which race should be added to the alliance, and why? My choice would be Ogres: established lore, it wouldn't be too much of a hassle explaining their involvement with the horde. Problem getting through doors? add a crouching animation when colliding with door frames!

    Vrykul, make them available for the horde!

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    We ALREADY know that the end of the expansion involves killing Garrosh because EVERYONE but Orcs are sick of his treatment, regardless of faction. Horde wants him gone because he's a violent racist who sees all the non-Orcs under his control as expendable pawns in his goal of dominating Kalimdor (and then the rest of Azeroth, I'm sure.) The Alliance wants him gone because he wages war using horrific methods, despite WotLK proving to both factions that they're stronger together than they are fighting against each other. (Yeah yeah, "this isn't world of peacecraft", save it, we've heard it all before and we're talking about the reasoning being used by NPCs here.) All this bluster about the BE wanting to leave, or the Forsaken, or the Trolls, (and yes, they all would like to split from the horde presently but have nowhere to go for protection if they do), is merely being used to set us up for the end of the expansion. The discontent will continue to grow until finally the non-Orc leaders decide enough is enough and approach the Alliance with the express purpose of deposing Garrosh. You're reading WAY too much into shit that ultimately serves no real purpose besides flavor text. "Hey we're really pissed at Garrosh." And instead of taking from that "This must have something to do with why we kill him" you jump to the completely illogical conclusion of "OMG BLOOD ELVEZ GOING NUTRAL GUYZ!!! LOLOL!"
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    There's no way the Blood Elves would ever ally with the Forsaken again after how they have been treated by them.

    Horde should get the Gnomes as exchange, maybe in the form of Leper Gnomes.

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