Good morning everyone from Greece,

I ll go straight to my questions since I am at work and I have to start working hard soon. I am planning finally ( after long discussions with my friends ) to play Tempest. I saw some really OP pvp videos and I read about some nerfs so : 1) Is tempest that OP and needs nerf bat or after the nerfs tempest is now too weak? (classic blizzard failures about balance tries)
2)I beg you for some macros help, I mean I would like if u can ofc the specific text i have to copy for my macro list (this "supermacrosfailures" i see in every video with macros is addon or something else? )
3) Since I love this thunderlord style Tempest Ill give u my suggestion about my soul build, If u have any suggestions or u see something wrong please feel free to guide me ( im focusing mainly in pvp ). Here is the link
P.S just 1 vote Harbringer vs Tempest?

Thx for your time