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    Heroic progress order?

    My guild has finally cleared everything on normal + guardians and feng on heroic. In a difficulty order which heroic bosses should we progress after this?
    I'd like to see people post their lists with all bosses on heroic from the easiest to the hardest.

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    Garajal and Elegon are the easiest. Spirit kings have been quite a bit easier now since it's a set order of the kings. Not sure about HoF, we're not there yet.

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    yep, go with what Rullis said

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    From what I've heard, you should go Gara'jal - Elegon - Spirit Kings - Will of the Emperor, if you're only talking about MSV. That said, with the recent hotfix to Spirit Kings, you can probably progress in order (Gara'jal - Spirit Kings - Elegon - Will of the Emperor).

    Beyond that, you can also try out bosses 2-4 in Heart of Fear heroic, they're apparently pretty simple too. In order, so Blade Lord - Garalon - Wind Lord. I think in the grand scheme of things you could go for those after Gara'jal/Elegon, before Spirit Kings/Will.

    Buuuut that's what I've picked up from others in the community, not personal experience. My guild is going slow and steady.

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