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    Is it still best to take Presence of mind upon reaching 4 piece?

    I finally got my four piece Thursday night, and I realize that besides the stats from the gear, the actual 4 piece itself isn't OMG AMAZING! Some mages were saying that it is better to take scorch after receiving 4 piece since the PoM altertime macro will become somewhat messed up, since combustion is on a shorter cd now. Should I keep Presence of mind? Or should I swap out to scorch now?
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    The tier set only allows one extra Combustion per fight. Personally I think this is still likely to outweigh a PoM/AT Combustion, especially now that you are much less likely to crit with it, but a lot of people are just skipping the tier set entirely for Fire. It depends on your playstyle really, if you feel you are getting fantastic results from PoM/AT then get three offset pieces but if they don't seem to be hitting that much harder then you're probably better off getting six combustions instead of five or whatever it works out as.

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    I think the 4pc is real good for fire(glyphed), as far as PoM is concerned, I'd still pick it up for stand still fights.

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